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What Vibe Are You Leaving Behind?

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Practice leaving behind an impact that elevates the planet.

Reflect on this last week – interactions you had with family or co-workers. Maybe you visited the supermarket or did some other shopping. What sort of vibe did you go into each of those interactions? Were you smiley and engaging? Did you avoid eye contact at all costs? Were your words calm and kind, or sharp and stabby? 

In every moment we can ask yourself, “What am I bringing to the table and what am I leaving behind?” 

Are you leaving behind ojas (sweet vital nectar) or ama (toxic residue)? The Divine Principle of Inner Fire teaches us that our emotional digestive fire impacts all of our experiences. For example, we “chew” on a conversation or interaction with our senses; we “break it down” with our intellect; we take in the words, the tone, the intent, and the sentiment; and then depending on how brightly our emotional agni is burning, we digest it, absorbing all the aspects of the interaction that we believe will serve us and releasing that which has no further use. 

So what determines whether we leave behind ojas or ama in a given moment? It depends on three things:

  1. How readily we take in the information without coloring it with our constrictions.
  2. How mindful we are of the present moment—our ability to be aware of what is happening at this very moment.
  3. How curious, innocent, and vulnerable we can risk being—our wileaving behind quotellingness to allow the unknown to unfold without captivating fear.

The Sacred Power of Your Ripple teaches us to pay attention to what we leave behind in each moment because long after you’ve left the scene, your impact remains. We raise our vibration in the world with every positive ripple you add. And we can put a pretty big damper on our vibration with any ama we put out into the universe.

Everything starts with awareness, then flows to a state of desire, and then unfolds into an action. Everything. Even if you decide that your action is to take no action! And so after every encounter, remember to ask yourself, “Did I just leave ojas (sweet vital nectar) or ama (toxic residue) behind?” Only when your heart is awakened can you hear the voice of deep desire speaking truth.

We will all leave this earthly existence at some point. That alone should inspire us to celebrate our own presence right now—and that of everyone in our lives. So, let’s strive to leave behind a karmic footprint of ojas – love, positivity, expansion, abundance, peace, and an impact that elevates the planet.

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Let’s keep this journey going together. We transform the world by transforming ourselves.

Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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