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Connecting to Your Sacred Soul – 28-minute Guided Meditation

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Form a greater connection to your sacred soul.

I am not earth, I am not water.
I am not light, I am not wind,
I am not either, I am not sense organs,
Nor am I a combination of these,
Because they don’t always exist.
I am simply Shiva the self,
For this remains even in sleep,
After everything is taken out.
– Sri Sankara “Dasasloki”

sacred soul quoteYour sacred soul is ageless, changeless, enduring, raceless, formless, genderless, colorless, and transcends all teachings philosophies, and wisdom while touching everything in existence. Your sacred soul is the pure knower of all truth, universal, individual, and the merger of both.

The sacred soul is a personal version of the Spirit that rests inside us. In other words, It’s the human expression of the Divine. At every moment, you and I are expressing the Divine. Our soul is our personal, individual expression of something much bigger than us—something way more expansive than we could ever really imagine. When you stare at your reflection, you are only seeing a glimpse of your soul’s physical expression. Our bodies only serve as a reference point for all things, our sacred soul is merely the essence beneath it all.

Awakening the Sacred Powers of Presence, Your Ripple, and Spirit enlightens you to the sacred, precious present moment; flows your impact throughout the world; and merges your sacred soul with the Divine Spirit. Every living being on the planet has a soul. That is why we are all so connected. Each of us is an individuated expression of the Divine Principle of One. And the Sacred Power of Spirit reminds us in every moment that we are merely one breath, one blink, one heartbeat away from merging back into the oneness of the eternal, timeless cosmic flow.

Our sacred soul is so vast, so infinite, and so beyond our comprehension. Take a moment this week and ask yourself “Who am I?”. This is an aspect of Self that has been explored for thousands of years and is one of the deepest questions you could ever ask yourself. Reflecting on who you are is a stepping-stone to an effortless daily practice of connecting to your sacred soul- and is a building block for living an expanded, abundant, compassionate life. I wish you a greater connection to your sacred soul and an abundance of healing, transformation, and deep loving you so desire. ​​Aham brahmasmi, baby!

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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