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Release Regret

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Release regret and own your impact on the universe.

This week we’re exploring how to release regret.  We all have regrets about things we’ve said and done or choices we’ve made that you wish you could take back, you are not alone. Together, let’s leave the questions of “what if ?”or “maybe…?” behind and remind ourselves that what has already happened is carved in stone. We can’t change past events… but we can acknowledge the present moment and take a powerful step forward toward the future.

Now is the time to forgive yourself! Releasing regret isn’t as easy as releasing a balloon into the sky. The process of releasing regret and healing begins the second we give ourselves permission to forgive. Give yourself permission to move forward and let go of any pain or agony towards the past. Some of our wounds from the past can still feel fresh no matter how much time has passed. The more we let these wounds affect us the longer they will burrow deeper into our mind, heart, and ultimately our body if we don’t do something to take us beyond them. With each mistake or regretful action, we stop accepting that we are divine creations. We begin to build walls in our hearts, our conversations, our sense of self, our attitudes, and even in our physical bodies.  In this process of regret, we lose the precious gift of innocence and become skeptical of the infinite kindness of the Universe. When we forgive, we release ourselves from regret.

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What happened has happened. From this moment on, I want you to fail up! Failing up is when we take past events that didn’t turn out the way we planned and think of them as powerful lessons to make better choices in the future. This allows us to take ownership of the person we want to become rather than defining ourselves from past events. Keep moving forward in the direction of your healing. Release regret. Own your impact on the universe. Lean towards your dreams. Live your best life!

The present moment is the only thing we have. Compared to the eternity of the cosmos, this physical life of ours is as short as a flash of lightning. ​​We were born mortal, human, flawed, and imperfect in so many ways. Don’t let regret from the past hold you back from your journey to transformation. Be kind to yourself. Remember to forgive yourself on every step of this journey and release regret.

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Let’s keep this journey going together. We transform the world by transforming ourselves.

Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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