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Healing Within- 12-minute guided meditation

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Take this opportunity to accelerate healing.

Healing is a powerful motivator to cultivate a consistent meditation practice. Guided meditations hold a special place in my heart because I have experienced deep healing and powerful aha! moments. Some guided meditations can be effective in helping you train your mind and body.

Athletes, for example, use guided visualizations to reinforce and fine-tune an experience they would like to replicate, such as sticking the perfect landing after a flip, spiking a volleyball, kicking a field goal, or swinging a tennis racket just before the ball arrives. By picturing the process and desired outcome over and over in your mind, you become primed for when the event actually takes place.

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In every style of meditation, there is an object of your attention. We can focus on our breathing, repeating a sacred mantra, or even gazing out to the unknown. The Divine Principle of Awareness encourages us to simply focus on the object of our attention. By maintaining our attention on intention, we begin to make physical, real-world choices that spark healing. As you heal through the Divine Principle of Awareness, you also spark your potential for REbirth.

To awaken your power of REbirth, we need to awaken forgiveness and permission, forgive ourselves for everything that’s ever happened in our lives, and grant ourselves permission to heal, move forward, and thrive! REbirth is a spiritual homecoming—our returning to the memory of our wholeness before we carved out all the ruts, climbed the mountains, crawled up from the abysses, trudged across the valleys, slid down the hills, and fell down rabbit holes. You are entitled to a new beginning full of healing, love, and transformation!

The Sacred Power of Your Awakened Heart is activated as an instrument of healing. Your awakened heart can deliver an ever-expanding wholeness to your every thought, word, and action that stretches across to your REbirth. With the power of REbirth, you can absorb the pain and suffering of everyone around you, and flow back only love because your awakened heart has finally become a conduit for deeper healing inside. Through the daily practices of self-kindness, self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-love, the Sacred Power of Your Awakened Heart will bring you the healing, transformation, and deep loving you so desire.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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