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Tune In to the Rhythms of Life All Around Us

Hello Spiritual Warriors & welcome to this edition of The Source.

This week, we explore the rhythm of life through the Blue Moon. There are so many different rhythms to our current life – tidal rhythms, lunar rhythms, the rhythms of the seasons, the daily circadian rhythms of night and day, of light and darkness, the rising & setting of the sun. Right down to the rhythm of our breath… of our heartbeat.

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Through the seasons, the tides, the sun, and the moon, we are guided through our journey on earth. Think of the moon, and its rhythms of expansion, contraction, and total space – the rhythm of its growth until it’s full, whole, expansive, and then that very very gentle surrendering to diminishment as the sun’s light on the moon gets smaller and smaller – until it no longer reflects the light of the star at the center of our own solar system.

The Power of the New Moon

They call it the New Moon, when there is no moon. That’s the stillness and the silence that rests between the expansion and the contraction. No different than that subtle sweet silent moment that rests beneath your breaths, the inhale and the exhale. We are in rhythm with the cosmos with each breath that we take and the Sanskrit word for this rhythm is Ritam, (pronounced rih-taam).

Ritam essentially means I’m alert. I’m awake to the rhythms of life. I dance with the cosmic dance. I flow with the cosmic rhythms. Imagine that each pulse, each breath the universe takes is expressed through you. Imagine that each physical step that you take is flowing with the step the universe is taking as well. Imagine that your personal, physical rhythms of ingestion, digestion, elimination, equilibrium, homeostasis, are all in sweet balance. Imagine that your body is an orchestra with millions of instruments being played out whether those are your most healing cells, your most expansive cells, your lungs, your kidneys, your blood, your bones, your brain, your heart… Imagine that you flow in the harmony of the universe.

The Power of the Full Moon

And then there is the full moon, that one moment each month where the entire moon is filled with the light from the sun. The star that powers our entire solar system is showering the moon with all its splendor and magnificence. After 30 days, the darkness of the new moon and all its various phases leads up to this crescendo of manifestation – the full moon. This is where – if we are aligned – all of our dreams and desires can unfold!!!

But something really out of the ordinary is about to occur.

This Friday on July 31st we will celebrate the second full moon in the same month, and when that rarity occurs (the next one isn’t until 2018!), it’s known as a Blue Moon. We began the month with a Full Moon on July 1st and now we close the month with a Blue Moon.

These full moons are bracketing all the life lessons we’ve absorbed over these past 30 days. In another kooky cosmic event, seven planets in our solar system (that’s right SEVEN!!!) will begin to slow down as they round the bend circling the sun. So the moon is full twice AND the planets are slowing down.

Remember you were just asking for a sign from the universe? HELLO!!!!!!! This is it!!! Look no more. It’s time to act. It’s time to take the step. The universe is temporarily slowing down, like a merry go round slowing so you can hop aboard! So get on board!! If you’ve been procrastinating, lollygagging, making excuses, putting off the big decision, delaying the inevitable – NOW IS THE MOMENT THE UNIVERSE IS INVITING YOU TO GET IN RHTHYM – and it’s doing it lovingly and gently.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! That once in a blue moon moment!!!

TulumAD_display3_150512All the pain, confusion, disappointment, overwhelm, stagnation, grievances, and sadness of the past 7 months have been leading up to this one week – it’s finally ready to pop! It’s the time for you to take that small step into that BIG decision.

So let’s dig deep… awaken our passion… muster up our courage… lean in the direction of our dream… make a commitment & step into the unknown at the invitation of the universe… and live the life we are worthy of… the life we were destined to live. Let’s allow this week to be that turning point moment in our life!! Let’s choose BIG! Let’s move beyond fear! Let’s choose ourselves!!

Aham brahmasmi baby! And I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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P.S. Peaches the Buddha Princess reminds us to adopt your next pet!

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