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Cosmic Connection Weekend Meditation

blue moon cosmic connection
Photo Credit: Grafik Mekanik via Compfight cc

Today we will celebrate the second full moon in the same month, and when that rarity occurs (the next one isn’t until 2018!), it’s known as a Blue Moon.

We began the month with a Full Moon on July 1st and now we close the month with a Blue Moon.

These full moons are bracketing all the life lessons we’ve absorbed over these past 30 days. In another kooky cosmic event, seven planets in our solar system (that’s right SEVEN!!!) will begin to slow down as they round the bend circling the sun. So the moon is full twice AND the planets are slowing down.

In celebration of this beautiful and magical cosmic occurrence, connect with the greater universe through this weekend’s guided meditation.  The universe is temporarily slowing down, so you can hop aboard!

If you’ve been procrastinating, lollygagging, making excuses, putting off the big decision, delaying the inevitable – this is your invitation to connect to the silence within and be the change you want to see in the world.

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