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Softening to Oneness – Weekend Meditation

Softening into One-ness

Happy weekend Spiritual Warriors!

Even your breathing can transform a stressful moment into a destressified one. When you’re feeling a bit harsh, or impatient, or judgmental, or angry… just slip into heart breathing. You can do this for a few minutes ANYTIME you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You can practice it as a daily meditation ritual or as an in-the-moment stress buster. The clarity it brings and the sense of calm it invokes, softening to one-ness, will help you make better decisions about life, love, and purpose.

If you’re a beginning meditator, make sure that you don’t force the breath; just let it flow in and out and witness it. Use 16seconds, which is a form of four-part breathing, or simply follow your breath in and out. You can do this for as long as you like – one minute, five, ten, fifteen, thirty minutes – but start small so you don’t quickly get over-whelmed.


Want to add this to your meditation library? Download it here.

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