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Clarity versus Certainty

Welcome Spiritual Warriors! to another edition of The Source where we address the critical life questions & dive deep into practical real world solutions! This week, we explore clarity.

Stress is a fact of life! So what’s all this talk about de-stressifying?

destressifying is our ability to easily adapt to stressful situations and adversity without experiencing the physical and emotional negative repercussions of stress. The most recent science has confirmed that those who deal with daily stresses as challenges rather than threats grow from them and can also more easily manage major crises with greater courage, clarity, strength, and grace. After becoming destressified, some of us even experience greater calm in the face of changes and surprises.

destressifying can easily be cultivated with a few lifestyle shifts, positive perceptions, and by using daily tools through mastery of our awareness, our needs, our emotions, our communication and our purpose. Even if you are naturally more sensitive to life’s difficulties, if you give yourself permission to embrace the teachings, you can and will destressify.

Here’s what Gabrielle Bernstein, author of “Miracles Now” says about destressifying: “davidji is a divine teacher and a soulful leader. In his book destressifying, he offers a practical guide to managing stress with grace. In a world where stress has become an epidemic, this book is a must-read. davidji’s wisdom and tools will clear the blocks to the presence of peace we all long for.” Click for more!

Are You Wasting Mental Energy?

Where do you see yourself right now? Are you struggling, surviving, or thriving in the realm of security? How much of a control freak are you really?

It’s important to note that there is no right or wrong. Security has a different definition for each of us. But those who consistently ruminate on their bank balance, whether their car will start, whether they’ll have enough to make their monthly payments, whether their job is secure, whether they will get sick and die, and so on, are living in unnecessary pain and setting themselves up for massive stress consequences.

Even if it doesn’t impact their health, it is emotionally sucking the life out of them—and the time spent on worrying is wasted energy. When we are stuck at this level, it’s difficult to be effective at fulfilling our Social Needs, our Esteem Needs, or the needs that will truly actualize us.

Certainty or Clarity—Which Do You Really Crave?

If we can calmly and with a clear head go through a process of identifying our Safety Needs, prioritizing them, releasing what doesn’t serve us, and bringing into our life what we truly need, then very quickly this category of needs will be fulfilled at a higher level.

What makes you feel safe, secure, and taken care of? Is it a dependable car, a steady job, health insurance, money in the bank, a partner you can trust, a nest egg, bonding experiences, belief in yourself, faith in God, a house or apartment you are proud of, little or no debt, reassurances from your partner?

Here’s what Wayne Dyer -New York Times best-selling author- says about destressifying: “This is a very high-powered book. Stressful thinking is wreaking havoc on the lives of so many in our fast-paced world. davidji offers a comprehensive course written in a language that you can grasp and apply immediately, all within the covers of one book. I loved it and am recommitted to in-the-moment destressifying.” Click for more!

There can be deeper levels of Safety Needs, such as finding your birth mother or father, knowing your divorce is final, getting the promotion, learning your diagnosis is benign, and the like. And if you can move through the process of gaining greater clarity about your needs with a destressifying mind-set, then when you receive your “answer,” it will actually fulfill you.

Sometimes we think we want certainty so we can believe that everything is okay, but what we really want is clarity: the ability to receive the news—good or bad—and then understand the steps we need to take to meet the new need. Certainty lasts for only a little while, and then the wind blows and what we thought was carved in stone suddenly shifts or changes like sand under our feet. Clarity can support us over and over in each new situation. I’ll choose clarity any day over certainty.

The Steps to Clarity

To achieve greater clarity, follow these 7 steps right now to launch your self-realization process:

1. Commit to a daily meditation practice; spend at least a few minutes each morning & afternoon in stillness & silence
2. Listen to your own feelings in evaluating experiences instead of the voice of conformity
3. Embrace being vulnerable—start experiencing life like a child, innocently and fully present
4. Give yourself permission to try new things that allow you to veer from conventional paths
5. Speak your truth, communicate consciously, and don’t play head games with others
6. Own your impact—don’t run from your decisions, take responsibility
7. Identify your areas of resistance and defense and choose to give them up.

Each day, make a commitment to destressifying your life and clarity will unfold effortlessly. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!!! Peace. –davidji

Here’s what Barbara DeAngelis, New York Times best-selling author Soul Shifts says about destressifying: “davidji has written a powerful, practical, and inspiring manual to help us understand and radically transform our relationship to stress. Written with a brilliant blend of clarity, compassion, and wisdom, it enlightens the mind and uplifts the heart. I highly recommend destressifying as essential reading for anyone who wants to live a more peaceful and joyful life!” Click for more!

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