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Owning Your Impact – Weekend Meditation

owning your impact
Photo Credit: basheertome via Compfight cc

Yata Pinde Tat Brahmande: as is the cosmic body, so is the personal body; as is the cosmic mind, so is the personal mind.

At our core rests the stillness and silence that connects us to the divine. This inherant wisdom flowing through us should allow us to own our impact in every moment. But sometimes we get confused and overwhelmed because we don’t recognize our divinity. Owning our impact is an empowering, liberating, and inspiring way to add self-awareness into our daily equations. Facing your life head-on and acknowledging all of the amazing things that your ripple sends out, creates a keen sense of validation to our choices and contributions to the world.

Want to add this to your meditation playlist? Download it here.

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