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Ready to Own Your Impact?

Hello Spiritual Warriors! And welcome to this week’s edition of The Source.

Several years ago, I was contemplating making a big move in my life. I didn’t really like my circumstances… I didn’t feel surrounded by supportive people… and I found myself whining & complaining to all those who were supportive. I was hosting one of the biggest pity parties on the planet!

Two conversations changed everything for me. First, I went to visit my cousin, and after telling her all the reasons OUTSIDE of me that I couldn’t take my next step, she giggled, looked me squarely in the eyes, and replied, “You’re not owning your impact!”

I froze. I let the words vibrate in the air and then it dawned on me… I was NOT owning my impact. I wasn’t taking responsibility for my life. I had made a list of all the challenges, limits, people, policies, excuses & reasons for where I was in my life and I was using those excuses to stay stuck where I was… in the land of grievances. Those five words hit me like a ton of bricks. Instead of taking the powerful step to OWN MY LIFE, I had given others the power.

I was waiting for them to change… for them to shift… so I could move to the next level. But I hadn’t realized that in that process, I had given away my power. I was blind to the fact that I am the director, producer, lead character, and author of my life. In every moment… I get to choose. But, if I wait for others to “get on-board”, for others to agree with me, for others to champion me BEFORE I am championing myself – then I am indeed powerless.

I made that commitment in that moment that I would forever OWN MY IMPACT – that I would take responsibility for every thought, word & action that I flow. That I would not blame other people, politics, religion, history, technology for my accomplishments or my lack of them. It was a mind-blowing revelation.

If it’s to be, it’s up to me!

My second aha! moment was a few days later while I was talking to my bestie Jodi Komitor – the founder of the first Kids Yoga Studio in the world & the creator of Jodi has always boldly put herself out there, lived a heart-based life, and truly set the bar for teaching Kids & certifying Kids Yoga Teachers. Our 15-year friendship is one of the joys of my life – but she became a powerful catalyst in my life on this one day. After telling her that I had decided to FINALLY own my impact, she replied, “On what date will you take your bold action?”

This crystalized everything for me. I walked over to my calendar…pulled out a Sharpee and in bold blue indelible magic marker, I circled a date & wrote down the words, “Today I own my impact.” And it was on that date – carved in stone – that I made one of the most important decisions in my life. And I haven’t looked back since!!!

Forward thinking organizations like the global lifestyle company lululemon athletica, teach their employees to always ask “by when?” during the goal-setting process. This keeps it real and gives you a target to shoot for. When you put a date on a goal, it weaves all the moving pieces into a more cohesive thread – so all the people, processes, resources, and energy gets fused into one powerful outcome.

So right now… TODAY… in this moment, ask yourself, “Am I owning my impact?” & “On what date, will I take my bold action?”

DeStressify_DisplayJULYv8aThat internal dialog will fuel you to greater expansion, true abundance, powerful transformation, & deeper fulfillment. Owning Your Impact is one of the core teachings of destressifying. Take that step today. I promise you will not be disappointed.

In the meantime, keep meditating… and I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji



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