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Taking a Chance on You- January Week 2

taking a chance

Taking a chance on YOU!!!

Well, here we are…we set sail a week ago, have found our paradise, and the anchor has been dropped!

Last week’s session was about identifying what is important to you within the 5 realms of YOUR life – “your” being the key word here. This past week was an opportunity for you to get clearer on what matters most in your life; physically, emotionally, materialistically, regarding your relationships with others, and what you want spirituality.

This has been a GREAT week for me – incredibly cleansing, reflective, and eye-opening and I hope that feels true for you as well. There’s a saying that’s used frequently in the yogi world “where attention goes, energy flows” …and this week has certainly proven that. Just by placing my awareness on the things that matter most to me, I’m noticing my body’s signals more, I’m more deeply in touch with my emotions, several of my material goals have materialized, I’m more conscious and reflective in my communication with others, and my spiritual practice is thriving – it’s in dynamic exchange with gratitude, trust in the divine, and the craving for more knowledge & spiritual growth.

If you think that this hasn’t happened within your own realm – think again. Truly reflect on the five areas of your life and see how even little baby steps may have emerged this week. Maybe you simply realized what you don’t want in some of those areas. And that’s a huge step. Having the aha! moment that you don’t want something is more powerful than realizing what you do want because you can begin the shedding process. Letting go of what no longer serves you.

Today, we begin the process of solidifying these desires that we have become acquainted with for ourselves and releasing even more of what we don’t need. In the clarity of peeling away layers, we become lighter, and clearer on what WILL best serve us as we step into our power. And then these new beliefs – these new acceptances will slowly become you through new behaviors and stay with us for all the days to come as we continue to grow, and learn, and evolve into the best version of ourselves.

With all 5 realms in your awareness, this week’s topic is about TAKING A CHANCE ON YOU – envisioning your dream life and giving yourself permission to actually LIVE THE DREAM! It’s time to take that first step and not worry so much about what‘s behind us – what we’ve left behind. Don’t look back…you’re shedding that skin from the past and re-birthing that balmy, smooth, and new Kosha (layer) that embodies and illuminates the BEST VERSION of YOU. Stay here – in the new…the fresh…this sacred precious moment.

Sometimes letting go can bring on a bit of anxiety – letting go of the things that have given the facade of security can make us feel uneasy and vulnerable, but there’s no better time than now to take the leap and trust that the net will appear because IT WILL!

How do I know? Because I’ve seen it in me. I’ve seen it in those around me. I’ve seen it in my friends who are bold enough to take the leap. And I’ve seen it in the tens of thousands who have reached out to me over the years as they have given themselves permission to let go of who they were in order to become who they might be. And I see it in you – because if you hadn’t given yourself permission to begin your journey to a bold, fresh, new you – you wouldn’t be reading this.

Congested KAPHA energy brings stagnant space into our beliefs – both physically and emotionally – we get comfortable, complacent, beaten down, stuck. And nature abhors a vacuum. So let’s make room for the new opportunities to arrive and fill the space that we’ve created for ourselves. So right now – let’s DO IT!!!!! …LET GO and FREE YOURSELF – TAKE THE CHANCE and trust that YOU of all people know precisely the things that you want, don’t want, and what’s best for you! By filling yourself with sweet space, trusting in your inner voice, and opening to the things most important to you…clarity will unfold – and the possibilities are endless. YOUR possibilities are endless. So stay focused, keep meditating (remember to begin your meditations by placing your attention on the 5 realms – physical, emotional, material, relationships, spiritual), and I’ll see the NEW YOU that’s unfolding next week when we SET OUR INTENTIONS!!

Be sure to connect with the davidji sweetspot meditation community every Wednesday on hayhouseradio.com and if you miss it – there are free replays for the next four days. By co-creating this space together, meditating, connecting online, and connecting in the gap, we will move one step closer to achieving our goals for 2013. Enjoy this week’s meditation and remind yourself throughout the day to stay strong and keep taking a chance on you!!!

Peace, davidji

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