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January Week 3 – Setting Intentions


“You are your deepest driving desire – as is your desire, so is your will, as is your will, so is your deed, as is your deed, so is your destiny” – Upanishads

Welcome BACK!!!

It’s WEEK 3 of 5 – which brings us to the halfway point of our manifestation discovery challenge!

We’ve set the course, took the leap, and now we’re gearing up to plant those seeds!

What does this mean exactly?? It means GO FOR IT! Grab a handful of willful intention, put it in your pocket, and run like the wind – never looking back.



What does it mean to plant the seeds in fertile soil? It means creating a sweet, still garden and then inviting your intentions into the nourishing womb of creation that rests within. It means selecting one intention at a time and giving your self the room to marinate on it in stillness and silence. Ritualization is key to making things stick and setting intentions is no different than introducing any other positive behavior into your daily routine. Another thing to keep in mind is that the chances are higher if you select your intentions with honesty and authenticity – so take it slow and breathe with patience.

So what is an intention exactly? One definition is to have in mind a purpose or plan – to direct the mind – to aim. And I say WHY NOT AIM HIGH?!



So here’s what we’re going to do…
Starting today – Wednesday – we’ll begin with your PHYSICAL REALM intention(s). Below are two options to choose from – if one doesn’t vibe with you, try the other.

1. Find ONE word that captures each intention. If you are looking to cleanse your physical body to start the year, use the word CLEAN. If you are looking to let go of some pain in your physical body, use the word RELEASE. Remember, today we can spend the whole day on our intentions for our PHYSICAL realm.
2. Write down your word and place it where you’ll see it; on your bedside table, your refrigerator, the dashboard of your car, or the bathroom mirror.
3. Now write the same word on another piece of paper and place it somewhere that you don’t often go; a draw you don’t often open, your garage, your linen or hall closet, a guest room…even the pocket of a shirt you haven’t worn in a while.
4. Find a quote, poem, song, phrase, article or book excerpt that exemplifies that word.
5. Spend the day with it.
6. If you have more than one within the physical realm, just try to keep things simple – the simpler the stickier. Let’s own this one before we move on.

Tomorrow – Thursday – you’ll do the same process for the EMOTIONAL realm and so on and so forth.

If these steps don’t resonate with you, here’s option 2.

1. Get clear on what you want and write it down.
2. Share with someone you trust – this will hold you accountable.
3. Do something today that demonstrates your commitment.
4. Acknowledge that you did what you said you were going to do, smile and give yourself a hug.

Some inspiration for you…

A close friend of mine shared with me a story of her mother’s love of photography. She had been taking photos for years. She’s approaching 70. It was always her dream to be a photographer, but with life’s many twists and turns she never pursued and followed her heart. Last year, she set an intention to get back into the hobby that she so adored and starting adventuring out more. One day she had lunch with her close friend’s daughter. The daughter had no idea of her hobby, saw the photos, and was elated to recommend one of her photos for a new project that she was heading. Much to her surprise, the client loved her photos – so much so that they ended up using an entire series for an ongoing campaign! Not only were her photos selected, but she has now officially taken on a career as a working photographer…at 60+ years young!! – doing what she loves most, traveling, and making an income.

The point of my story is that if fear or self doubt should show it’s nasty head – don’t fall into the “trap pattern” because we’re never too old or too far away from our dreams to make them come true – it’s never too late – or early for that matter.

We are living in a different time these days. People are taking chances more because they feel they have less to lose. I know more people in their “mid-life” that have gone back to school or started a new career just in the past few years – more than ever before. It’s a time of reinvention. People are turning to more creative solutions for themselves because the game has changed in the world. It’s an interesting time. Through all of the uncharted waters that we have navigated over the last decade, many of us have encountered some serious challenges. When we overcome, pull through, and see the silver lining in every new experience that life brings, CHANCE and INTENTION take on new meanings. For some of us, it may instill some discomfort or constriction– but for others, it’s becoming more like home… comfortable, ritualized and always exciting. No matter where you are at this point in time, now is the time to take a hold of what you want and set the pace for your life as it should be – the truest representation of your deepest desires – no need for secrets anymore. It’s time to live how you really see yourself. It’s no longer done in simple and periodic times of reflection. It’s time to set your intentions, become ONE with them, and LIVE them everyday.

If you’ve been challenged with change when setting intentions in the past, the key is persistence and taking it slow – like we are this week – one by one. Bean by bean the bag gets filled! The greatest transformations don’t happen overnight…they happen over time. And keep meditating! If you ritualize a daily meditation and or mindfulness practice, you’ll be “upping the ante” by giving yourself permission to essentially pattern interrupt those nasty and emotionally sabotaging behaviors; fear of the unknown, not feeling worthy or deserving, self-doubt. Meditation gives us those beautiful, momentary pauses that enable us to open up those French doors and take in the fresh air – breathe – even if it’s just for a second (which it usually is). It allows us to press the pause button for a moment– and make the most conscious and nourishing choices for ourselves at any given thought crossroad. When you start to become a witnessing participant (which happens when we meditate) in the choices that you make for yourself – there’s no turning back. It’s contagious beyond belief because you feel so great when you notice this shift within yourself – it’s true elation! You actually begin to STOP before moving in the wrong direction. Over time, it begins to give you clarity, when in the past you may have gotten lost in the fog.

Now is the time to shift the course and tap into the things that make you feel whole, balanced, and fulfilled. So get centered with your intentions, keep your eye on the prize, plant and water those seeds, and embrace those intentions with ALL of your HEART! Let’s get busy!!! I’ll see you in the gap. Here’s to making 2013 the most magnificent year of our lives!! – with love, davidji

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