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Shifting Into Your Next Gear Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Om Moksha Ritam

Peaches the Buddha Princess teaches us, “Resist nothing and receive unconditional love.” When shifting into our next gear, allow the light to come into your heart; let the Universe to gently kiss you soul; and trust the Universe to deliver you exactly where you need to be. By remaining attentive with positive intention, we give ourselves CHOICES. When we choose to surrender to the moment and accept that this moment is exactly as it should be – with all of it’s flaws and uncertainty – we feel calmer, clearer, and carry a greater openness to acceptance.

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20 thoughts on “Shifting Into Your Next Gear Weekend Meditation”

  1. I saved this. Today I accepted this wonderful and timely meditation and thank you for your wisdom and insight. I saved it for a reason, and it’s no accident I listened today. Namaste..

  2. Thank you again, David, for you calming, sweet voice. We are all on this journey together! Namaste – Wendy with a ‘Y’

  3. Om moksha ritam……I am free today to greet my guests at my door, to shift into this idea of my emotions as guests, allows me the moksha to bless and WELCOME them all. This will be very new for me and I am so grateful for this lesson Davidji
    Ong namo guru dev namo

  4. Gratitude to you for teaching me how to meditate with the 40 Day Meditation to Transformation. I now meditation everyday. Gratitude also for this special meditation ”Om Moksha Ritam”. Perfect timing. Namasté.

  5. Whenever I question where to go next with my meditation practice I am shown the way.
    Thank you Davidji

  6. Greetings from Maine! I need to add my thank you for the perfect mediation again. My day gets better after these deeply calming weekly gifts from you. Namaste davidji oh… and hi to Peaches.?

  7. I’m struggling to figure out why I am where I’m supposed to be when blindsided with cancer less than two years ago and one year after treatment I’m metastatic thruout my spine, pelvis and into my femurs. It is non curable.

  8. Exhilarating! Calming! Cleansing! Thank you Davidji & Peaches, the Buddha Princess for awakening this awareness! Nourishing & drenching the soul with Divine Light and healing is the outcome of this Meditation! Forever grateful, Namaste!

  9. Once again… Perfect timing !
    I received this email/ meditation
    At 430 am , leaving at 6am , moving my daughter to Philadelphia ….
    Her …. Next step ! Thank you for helping me get my emotions in a calmness ….
    You are a friend who shows up on our planet …. Time and again.
    Sat nam

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