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Making Conscious Choices

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source on location in Agra, India, on making conscious choices!

You may be familiar with these vulnerable and enlightening words of St. Augustine:

[tweet_dis]“All my life I’ve been knocking at the door. Suddenly, it opens… I’ve been knocking from the inside.”[/tweet_dis]

Often in life, this is why we feel confused and overwhelmed regarding what we really want. We don’t acknowledge that so much of what we want is already inside. So in order to get clearer on those aspects of our life we want to heighten, we can use the lens of the Five Realms as a filter to “see” what it is we really want and awaken what already rests within. So first let’s reflect on the five aspects of our life that impact our choice-making: the physical realm, the emotional realm, the material realm, the relationship realm, and the spiritual realm. And ask yourself what you really want right now in each of those realms.

For the process to work, we need to come from a place of stillness and silence – which allows us to be less conditioned in our assessments, and less knee-jerk in our reactions. If we can come from this space – with greater regularity & consistency – we will make decisions LESS out of fear and desperation.

We all have experienced making a choice out of fear, poverty consciousness, desperation, or constricted less-than thinking. Rarely is the outcome what we envisioned. In fact, most likely, you will feel even more confused or overwhelmed because after the dust settles, you will not have what you really, really want.

In moments like that, we need to breathe deeply and remember the words of Lao Tzu: “Do you have the patience to wait
 until your mud settles and the water is clear? 
Can you remain unmoving
 until the right action arises by itself?”

If that feels right to you, then here are seven steps to help you gain clarity and make more conscious choices:

1. Meditate. Spend at least ten minutes slowing down, breathing, and relaxing your bodymind.
2. Let go of anyone else’s opinion of your choice, vision, or decision.
3. Close your eyes & place your hand on your heart as you walk yourself through each realm and envision choosing one.
4. Project yourself into the future & ask, “How does it feel now that I have made this choice?”
5. Listen to your heart. Listen to your body. Listen to the whispers of your soul.
6. Trust in the divine plan of the universe.
7. Feel yourself merge into the choice.

This conscious choice-making process can be activated in any moment – and is ALWAYS worth taking the time to first slow down and pattern interrupt from your relentless swirl of thoughts, mental activities, chatter, and confusion.

I’ll see you in the GAP. Peace. -d

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