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Practicing the Golden Rule

Mantra: Tat tvam asi

The Greeks called it the Golden Rule, and it’s been expressed by many, many different cultures in slightly different ways across time, but the essence of the rule is that if I’m kind to others, I will, in turn, receive kindness. To move beyond the barriers that separate us, shift to seeing the one-ness of this sweet human collective that we are all a part of. We are all the same beings expressing ourselves in 8 billion different ways. Tat tvam asi is Sanskrit for “you are that.”

To shift your perspective in less than a minute, focus on someone that you have been comparing yourself to – a friend, co-worker, colleague, relative – anyone that you have recently compared yourself to. Envision their face or the experience that involved them and as you observe it in your mind’s eye, silently repeat tat tvam asi like a mantra over and over.

This weekend’s meditation is Day 22 on my album “40 Days of Transformation.” It focuses on putting into practice the Golden Rule in our every day lives, and how to become more mindful of how we act, and react, throughout our day. The mantra is tat tvam asi. If you prefer saying the affirmation in English, you can use the affirmation: “I am that.”

This week, when you notice yourself judging others throughout the day – invoke your affirmation.

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