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Learn How to Foster Divine Presence  – 17 Minute Guided Meditation

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Allow this 17 minute meditation to assist you in fostering divine presence.

divine presence quoteTo foster the divine presence of the universe, remember the universe is always within. Divine presence is something different than any other power and ripples through you at every given moment of the day. The energy within divine presence can transform you from feeling small to taking advantage of everything the universe provides you with. With every breath you take, every thought that comes to mind, and any challenge that unfolds, the universe will always flow through. 

We communicate using both verbal and nonverbal forms ranging from the choices we’ve made to the messages we send— to the divine purpose that holds our stars apart and our Universe together. Ayam Atma Brahman refers to the soul & the spirit being the same and comes from the ancient Mahavakyas. The divine exists outside of you, and the divine exists within you both through the soul and the spirit. You are never alone. Allow yourself to see your greatness through the divine.

Use this 17-minute guided meditation to bind your most divine self and slide into oneness as the universe holds you close. Awaken divine presence within yourself and practice putting your trust in the universe. Remember, the universe holds a special place for you because you are so magnificent. The spirit that vibrates so brilliantly inside of you is just a small part of something infinite and beautiful. Take time today to reel the power and unconditional love of the universe. 

To go deeper into your journey of fostering divine presence,  I invite you to join me for an upcoming event with the davidji Meditation Academy. Come to Carlsbad, California, for a transformational meditation retreat on the beach with me and Peaches. If you’re ready to emerge from a big life transition and reach a place of heightened awareness, expansive joy, freedom, and deep fulfillment then this is the perfect opportunity for you. With the ocean as our backdrop, together we’ll commune with other like-minded souls, and connect to our deepest selves in a way that you just can’t achieve on your own.

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Let’s keep this journey going together. We transform the world by transforming ourselves.

Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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