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How to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

Hello Spiritual Warriors!

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This week we will continue to step away from less-than thinking and move closer to an abundance mindset. Abundance isn’t something that is only linked to money or material wealth. Limiting abundance to monetary and itemized gain will only limit you in this journey of abundance consciousness. Abundance consciousness can be described as choosing miracles over grievances or choosing to transform your life rather than dwell in the past.
We all at some point in life dream of taking our life to the next level. Life can take a lot of hard work – sometimes even suffering – but we can take that pain and manifest a life we dream and desire. A simple tool to manifest the life you want is envisioning that you already possess everything you want. Talk about your hopes and dreams in the past tense as if it is a memory. The abundance mindset and manifestation are centered around consciously creating your reality by focusing on the power of your thoughts. Life has limitless potential so envision your life as the life you want.
Awakening the powers behind having an abundance mindset means knowing that there is more of everything if we shatter the way we see the world. Why not reach beyond what is initially offered to you? Why not explore spaces that are unknown to you at the moment? Take the time and invite the abundance of the Universe to begin rushing its riches into your life.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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