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Ignite Your Self – Transformation Journey

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Let's explore how to ignite the journey of self-transformation.

This week let’s ignite the journey of self-transformation!!! The moment we are fully aligned with the Universe, the energetic properties of the Sacred Powers of Transformation are deeply instilled within us, raising our vibration in every moment. Transformation is rooted in attention, which produces the sprout of intention. Attention is necessary to move the intention into the physical world, where it can grow.

The Five Realms of Existence is a great tool to utilize during your journey of self-transformation. The Five Realms can provide you with clarity at times of stress in your life and heal emotional wounds. The Five Realms encompass the basic categories of our lives  – the physical, emotional, material, relationship, and spiritual. This tool allows us to move between a broad view and a more focused view of our existence. The Five Realms of Existence provides us with the tools to zoom in to an intention so we can look at our life in a way that we can make gradual shifts to have a huge impact on our broader view. By limiting ourselves to only five lenses, clarity naturally flows to all of our needs to transform.

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At any time in any moment, you need a stillness connection to source self-transformation and inner divine. Spend a few minutes reflecting on problems or discomforts you are currently facing. In this reflection, your problems are not meant to go away, instead the process brings you into the present moment. The power of meditation can be found within exercises like this that are meant to serve as a few seconds of pattern interruption to get back to the present moment. 

You have Sacred Powers of Transformation resting deep within you. Transformation is evolution. Transformation validates the eternal truth that you are never stuck. The more we take time holding back from the next transformational step in our lives, the more we let fear and despair take over. The Sacred Powers are as old as the heavens and have guided man and womankind toward powerful transformation as long as the stars have dotted the night sky. Remember baby steps! Follow these insights in the future, and you’ll feel your transformation starting to take hold.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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