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Leading with Love Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: nudelbach via Compfight cc

Mantra: Moksha

If you joined me on Hay House Radio this week for LIVE! from the SweetSpot, the focus of our opening meditation was leading with love. If you didn’t know, we live stream the meditation on Facebook almost every week! Gratitude to all who joined in … the feeling of love was intense and healing.

I have a special love this week for the people of Miami and South Florida. I spent the weekend with more than 30 spiritual warriors for four transformational days at my Personal Transformation immersion. I then was invited to lead guided meditation at Unity on the Bay’s Sunday services. Wow!! almost 1000 fellow meditators manifesting love, peace and healing intentions … powerful stuff. I’m so grateful for our sweet connection and I can’t wait to come back to Miami!

This week, let’s focus on leading with love, planting the seeds of love and sending it out to the world … to those in pain, those struggling, those who need a friend … and to all those in our world who mean so much to us. We are all connected. We are all one. We are all love.

Aham brahmasmi, baby!

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