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The Art of Meditation 5-Week Online Course

I can’t thank you enough for joining me on this journey of cultivating peace & tranquility in our heart, our mind, and in our daily lives. The free video series has been an amazing & powerful process for so many people. And I am humbled by the response & deeply grateful for the engagement of so many around the world. The comments have been moving and transformative, and we know the ripple goes on forever. Lives really are really changing for the better through meditation!!

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If you’ve found value in the process, we can keep this positive momentum going through my new 5-week meditation training series – The Art of Meditation: A Real-World Guide to Daily Balance, Inner Healing & Self-Discovery Online Course.

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll explore together during The Art of Meditation Online Course:

Lesson 1: The Guru Rests Inside: An Introduction to Meditation
Regardless of your meditation experience, we all need a firm foundation to take it to the next level, and I’ll help you develop that foundation so you will always have at your fingertips the most beneficial tool to combat the stress and anxiety of everyday life. I’ll show you how to tap into your inner guru to gain more clarity and focus. You’ll learn:

  • The spark that connected me forever to meditation
  • To connect to the space between our thoughts to discover who we are
  • How meditation can connect you to your Divine self and create balanced flow between your thoughts and actions
  • A pattern interrupt technique to bring you to the present
  • How telomeres can determine your current health and how conscious breathing can help lengthen them

Lesson 2: Cultivating and Fine-Tuning Your Practice
Although you won’t always find a tropical beach to set up a meditation space, there are plenty of ways to create a comfortable space anywhere. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to set up your own sacred space and how to integrate mantras into your meditation practice. I’ll teach you:

  • Ways to decorate and set up your meditation space
  • Comfortable ways to sit and hand positions
  • Mindfulness techniques and a mindful flow meditation
  • How mantras connect us to the cosmos and something bigger than ourselves

Lesson 3: Is This Normal? Experiences During Meditation
This is where most meditators lose their mojo, so I’ll share with you the many different experiences that can occur during meditation. You’ll practice various techniques to master different types of emotions and how to send love out into the world. The lesson also includes:

  • The 4 experiences you can have during meditation
  • Long-term aspects of meditation
  • How to master your emotions and not be mastered by them
  • Becoming a divine channel of love

Lesson 4: Committing to Sitting: Meditation Myths and Secrets
This lesson will teach you how to consistently implement a meditation practice in your daily life, no matter what you have going on. I will share the ancient secrets as well as demystify all the most common meditation myths and misconceptions. Topics include:

  • Transformative techniques of ancient Eastern wisdom & modern science
  • Overcoming excuses which stop you from meditating daily
  • Inspiration from a profound ancient meditation
  • Gaining focus and clarity through silence and stillness

Lesson 5: The Advanced Practice: What the Masters Know
Meditation can open up many questions and emotions. You’ll learn teachings from the masters and get answers about dharma and your life purpose. I’ll dive more deeply into the chakra energies with a healing meditation. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Set intentions before, during and after your meditation
  • Awaken the chakras to connect to your Source and inner guidance
  • Incorporate sacred questions of gratitude into your practice
  • Discover meaning and the true purpose of your life

40DAYsCDcoverART_1400x1400 (1)You’ll also get 11 FREE bonus gifts with your purchase – including 10 custom guided meditations + my 40 Days of Transformation album!

The special low price will only be available for a very limited time. If you’re looking to shift your life to have more clarity and less stress, this course is for you. The benefits of daily meditation are undeniable.

You can become happier, find deeper meaning in your life, make better decisions and slow down the chaos of busy days. Maybe you feel anxiety or stress, dissatisfaction in life, are burnt out at work or just plain overwhelmed with the nuances of life. Maybe your heart hurts from a loss, betrayal, or sadness. By practicing meditation you can change your life forever! It’s also risk‐free! If you register and decide this course is not right for you, you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked! What have you got to lose?

You can Learn More About This Course Here >> http://bit.ly/ARTofMEDITATION

In the meantime… I’ll see you in the gap! Aham brahmasmi, baby!

Peace. –davidji

P.S. Remember to adopt your next pet!

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