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Practice Makes Perfect! Mastering Your Meditation Practice

Hello Spiritual Warrior!!! And welcome to another edition of The Source!

We’ve all heard some version of the timeless story of the man who jumps into a New York City taxi and asks the driver, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” And the driver replies, “Practice. Practice. Practice!”

How do we reach the best version of anything? By doing it more and more… by learning from our successes… and repeating them; by learning from our mistakes… and avoiding them in the future. And over time – no matter what it is, it gets a little easier… a bit more fluid.

Practicing meditation is no different. We show up… we sit… we close our eyes… we drift our awareness to the object of our attention… and when we find ourselves in thought or paying attention to sound or physical sensation… we drift back to the object of our attention – a mantra, or simply following our breath.

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There is a beautiful law of nature that all beings on the planet benefit from. It’s called the Law of Spaced Repetition. Do anything consistently – practice a new language, practice a musical instrument, practice your sport, rehearse a role in a play, sit down and write every day, eat more consciously, prepare a presentation or a difficult conversation – and within days… it becomes you. Your muscle memory takes over and within weeks, you are in the flow. Within months, you are getting really good; and within a year, you have mastered it! Yes – mastered it. They say once you do something for 10,000 hours – you are a master. But we need to start with the very first step – the very first moment. And that moment builds on the next moment and before you know it… BOOM – you are doing what you thought was once impossible – you have mastered what you were once only guessing at.

This week and for the next 40 days – straight through the month of May – let’s commit to showing up and meditating… simply sitting and following our breath or using a mantra or using one of my guided meditations for at least FIVE minutes. If you are comfortable doing it for longer – go there and do that – but at least 5 minutes every morning before you start your day and 5 minutes before you start your evening. It’s only 5 minutes but I promise you will have greater clarity during the day and you will sleep better at night

Make this commitment with me – I’m seriously asking you to join me in this process for just 40 days – just to June 5 and tell me how your life is unfolding on Facebook or in a private email. Do you have 10 minutes a day out of your 24 hours to give yourself some sweet silence? I think you do. If Oprah does, you do!

I guarantee your world will shift in just a few days. Email me at info@davidji.com and let me know how it’s going. I’m sending you healing love & support. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. -davidji

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