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How Do You Know if It’s a Sign or Merely a Thought?

Hello, Spiritual Warrior, welcome to this edition of The Source in which we explore tips for distinguishing thoughts from signs from the Universe.

Coincidences are the universe tapping you on the shoulder whispering to pay attention!

As we live our lives in the material realm, coincidences are “signs from the universe” that we are actually united with realms beyond our normal understanding of existence.

These moments, although they may be flashes of a second, tell us that the local and non-local worlds are inter-connected… that the manifest and the unmanifest are actually merged into one giant universe and that we are seeing the world with more expansive eyes – that we are witnessing the bigger picture. Almost as if we are viewing the moment through some divine lens.

So often in life we have asked God, or someone who has passed on to “give us a sign.” It’s our request to have whatever exists in another dimension or a world beyond our understanding to reach through the veil that separates us and tap us on the shoulder.

When you experience a coincidence, it is the universe tapping you on the shoulder & whispering in your ear “Pay attention!” It is a moment of powerful alignment between you and something much bigger than you. It means your awareness has expanded way beyond your typical day-to-day. It is a higher state of consciousness!

When this moment happens, it should inspire us to be ever vigilant – ever more aware. There doesn’t need to be profound significance in the moment. And there is no need to torture yourself over finding a meaning.

The meaning will unfold when the time is right… so keep trusting that the universe will deliver you to exactly where you need to be. And, if you were looking for a sign from the universe in order to make a shift, or take a step… this is it!! The universe is giving you permission to move forward!!

So this week, let’s pay attention to the coincidences in our life – it’s a whole lot easier if you meditate every day. Coincidences unfold with greater frequency & ease to those who meditate & come from a place of stillness & silence.

What have you got to lose? Let’s meditate & witness the world around us with new eyes, more expansive viewpoints, with an aham brahmasmi mindset – and let the universe weave its magnificence through our lives.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. -davidji

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