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Flowing the Divine Energy of the Universe Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!! Over this next week, let’s progressively quiet the fluctuations of the mind, slow the swirl around us, relieve our stress and open our heart to trust by awakening the Shakti energy that flows through us.

Mantra: Raam shakti om

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3 thoughts on “Flowing the Divine Energy of the Universe Weekend Meditation”

  1. What a journey my friend , my friend , thank you.
    I so enjoyed your interview on hay house with Robert.
    What a great life for sharing your gifts.
    Here is to THE sweet spot,
    Helen of Helen

  2. Namaste ❄💙❄😊
    I love Davidji ,l can’t do one day without his meditation & great wisdom ,one day l will get to his work shop❄ blessings Davidji❄ Marika Cartwright❄Shanti

  3. Raam shakti om!
    Another amazing mantra from the master of meditation.
    My wife and I just signed up for his workshop in KY, we can’t wait to see the master and change our life forever.

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