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This Too Shall Pass Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!! Welcome to this weekend’s meditation in which we place attention on the adage, “this too shall pass.”

Life is filled with peaks and valleys, rabbit holes, long climbs, highs and lows, crossroads and dead ends; we can use this powerful tool when we find ourselves stuck, unwilling to on, when we find ourselves ruminating, blaming, living in the past. Enjoy!!!

Mantra: This too shall pass (gam zeh ya’avor)

Want to add this to your personal meditation library? Download it here. 

Try this version if you’re struggling to hear the meditation on your mobile device.

19 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass Weekend Meditation”

  1. Thank you, now I could hear fine. Wow, I now know what a quiet mind is. I` m new to TheSweetSpot, but I`ll keep coming back. Thank you.

  2. Thank you and Todah for Gam Zeh Yaovor.
    I meditate with you each and every day -and thiis is one of my absolute favourite.

  3. Just what I I needed. I usually do my own. Today the mud wouldn’t settle this worked! Thank you!

  4. Wonderful learning experience! You continue to reach and teach, For many years I have personally used this powerfu phrase and used this to get through tough times in life Thank you from bringing the story into the light 🙏

  5. The sound cloud version was much better. Could not hear the original one either. Thanks for being do thoughtful;

  6. Love you davidji! I have the same problem as the other poster. Sounds like this was a really fabulous meditation, but I couldn’t hear it. My volume was up at 100% as well. Thank you for doing all you do for us and am hoping I can see you at 1440! Hugs and a hug for Peaches the Buddha Princess too!

  7. I have the same trouble with many of these meditations. Today, although my volume is 100% I simply cannot hear what Davidji is saying. Very disappointing, as I really look forward to these weekend meditations.

  8. Dear Davidji, I love your meditations and would also love to hear music when we are chanting!! Love and Namaste.

  9. I have tried to listen on sound cloud and in browser with volume turned to maximum but just cannot hear it 😢

  10. Question: Is there a way to increase the volume? It`s the 2nd time I can hardly hear, my computer volume is 100%, had no trouble listening to HHWorldSummit, therefore I`m assuming is this site. Hope someone may give a hint. Thank You!

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