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This is Why It’s Important to Honor Your Emotions

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

When storm clouds seem to overtake your emotions; when you find yourself feeling shame, jealousy, self-doubt, inadequacy, or loneliness; when the shield of pride you constantly hold up to protect yourself has become too heavy, your awakened heart is there to comfort and heal you.

Those moments of anger, arrogance, judgment, and condescension, where you brandish a sword of self-importance to demonstrate your strength, power, or confidence, your awakened heart knows this is simply a defensive ploy to attack the world and distract yourself from the tender hurt oozing from the center of your heart-puddle.

Your awakened heart knows all, sees all, feels all, and is capable of healing all the pain and suffering that rests inside you. And in its boundless wisdom, your awakened heart can deliver an ever-expanding wholeness to your every thought, word, and action.

The pathway to this higher state of existence is through living each moment from that sacred space of love to be divinely guided to fulfill your heart’s desires, summon the courage to take your life to the next level, and discover your meaning in life.

A key to understanding your emotions is through empathy — empathy is pure understanding.

There is no finger wagging in empathy. There is no condescension. No scolding or trying to teach a lesson. There is no blame or fault. There is only understanding—understanding that it is human to have emotions of pain, sorrow, shame, guilt, or sadness. We realize that we are not the emotion; but rather, that we are experiencing the emotion.

In this deep understanding, we see the regret, the grief, the anguish, and the desperation for what it was and what it is—feeling it in the depths of our being and showering it with lovingkindness. And so this journey of deep uncontrived understanding for all those in pain begins with understanding the pain in our own heart, and taking the critical step of forgiving our self for loving and trusting so deeply—which in turn, we will realize, is actually a cause for celebration.

This is the moment where you realize that your sensitivity is one of the most special traits the Universe could ever gift you. The next time someone tells you that you are too sensitive, thank them for giving you such an amazing compliment.

Sending you love… I’ll see you in the gap. Peace. -davidji

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