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13 thoughts on “Shifting Our Perspective Guided Meditation”

  1. Thank you for this soothing meditation,it was just what I needed,lots of love . David . Namaste.

  2. I awoke during the night feeling anxious and was somehow directed to my cellphone my an inner voice. Who is on my screen as soon as I turn it on? DavidJi with the exact thing to help me call down!!! After the meditation was over I felt almost 100% calm!!! Thank you DavidJi for answering my universal call for help. I am just realizing, at 67 years old that I am a part of the universe and that I can get all that I need from the universe! Thank you for your teachings… Italy

  3. Just the most perfect meditation . Seeing possibilities✨✨✨✨ thank you!!!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful meditation, love your soothing voice and the gong sounds.

  5. Thank you, Davidji, for the inspirations you share with us. When our days are sometimes grey the meditation makes them always colorful, bright and filled with unconditional love again. This is how I feel when I meditate. NAMASTÉ

  6. The words (content) of this latest meditation, Shifting Our Perspective, was really wonderful, always timely and rang true to me. The background music was reminiscent of a tense scene in a murder movie–stressful, unrelenting and disturbing. Strangely, the topic of the meditation was making a choice, grievance or miracle. Davidji’s words were the miracle, the music was not. If the words could be decoupled from the music and a new soothing background soundtrack added, it would be wonderful. Thank you for this gift.
    Dick Eger

  7. I love this meditation, and so many other meditations you offer. They are such a gift. Thank you !

  8. Exactly what I needed today. Thankyou Universe via Davidji…nice1 spirit bro 🙂

  9. Thank you for a very important reminder and as usual a wonderful meditation!🙏
    You have such a soothing voice and have helped me to go deeper into my calm! Take care!

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