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Learning to Resist Less So You Can Receive More

Hello Spiritual Warriors! And welcome to another transformational week of learning to resist less so we can receive more!

As the Seventh Dalai Lama wrote:

“All things found in the world and beyond are illusions created by one’s own concepts. Grasping at them but further distorts perception. Give up grasping and see things as they are.”

Like the daily practice of meditation – the process of lessening our resistance includes surrendering, accepting, detaching, and then trusting that this moment is THE moment – bringing our awareness to the fluidity and evolutionary nature of life.

The English word resist comes from the Latin word resistere, which means to stand against or oppose. When we oppose what is flowing into us, we are saying NO to the Universe. We are denying our most divine nature. We are inserting our ego into the moment instead of allowing the divine to flow through us.

Wayne Dyer referred to the EGO as Edging God Out. When we resist, we suddenly put an end to infinite possibilities. There are many lessons (and growing pains) along the journey of our life, which may contribute to the underlying challenge that makes us reluctant to trust and welcome the unknown. But we can shift that non-nourishing mindset very easily and quickly by beginning the processing of ALLOWING ourselves to receive what’s being offered to us right now.

When you resist, you say NO to the universe. You deny your magnificent divinity.

This doesn’t mean you should have no boundaries in your life or that you say YES to every request that comes your way. That doesn’t serve anyone – especially yourself. What it truly means is that you are open to listen… open to receive whatever comes your way… and THEN YOU GET TO DECIDE how you will respond.

You may, in fact, respond to many situations that come into your world with a BIG FAT “NO!” or a “HELL YES!” or simply a “YES, but…”, and even a “NO, but…” And now you have four very different response scenarios, which will lead you in four very different directions with an infinite number of outcomes that can then unfold. When you resist, there is only one outcome that you are carving into the moment. And then the battle begins. We think it is a battle between us and the other person but in reality, it’s a battle between us and the Universe. Simply by opening yourself to four outcomes rather than one, life expands, new possibilities arise, and your choices become liberating as fear and constriction drift away.

The key to living the dream life is being open to receive. Receive and then respond creatively. Not with your talking points or the things you’ve said over and over but perhaps this time with a brand new way to see the situation.

In our current election situation, half of the country is pointing fingers at the other half of the country. Nothing can move forward unless we find the bridges that connect us. We need to work hard to find the common ground that will unite our hearts. We need to lead with love. And we need to trust.

Miracles often appear when we least expect them: when we are innocent and vulnerable to the next moment. The magic of life surges into us when we remain open without expectation and are willing to listen without assuming that we know how the universe is supposed to unfold.

So, this week, let’s give up grasping… let’s give up fear… let’s give up RESISTING! The best is yet to come!!!!!

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!! Peace. -davidji

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8 thoughts on “Learning to Resist Less So You Can Receive More”

  1. ??thank you.
    Such a poignant and beautiful reminder.
    As I listened I realized further the importance of self love, cause how can we love those around us, who are reflections, if we do love the reflection in the mirror- the actions we take and words we speak?
    So much love and aloha D

  2. Davidji, With much love to you and Peaches for your inspiration in my life. You’ve been a godsend to me this last year. Your beautiful gentle and interesting guided meditations enabled me to begin
    a daily meditation practice that I thought about doing for years.
    With love and gratitude. Namaste
    and see you in the Gap.

  3. Thank you David for touching my life and heart today with your kind and wise words. It’s easy to forget to reflect and respond instead of reacting. I will do my best today and every day, as I know it is the true way and the path to living in true spirit and light. Namaste <3

  4. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that we can all shine as beacons drawing thoughts out of the shadows and in into the light. Namaste.

  5. thank you for the revisiting the concept of resisting….

    we gt too soon old and too late smart…lol..
    and we have a good memory but sthor…

  6. Davidji, thank you so much for showing us how to look beyond the current rhetoric, reminding us that if we stick to our own belief system, find the goodness within ourselves, we can rise above this all. So timely!

  7. Thank you davidji!
    As always, you are “spot on” with flowing your loving wisdom.
    Respond responsibly instead of reacting. Create change within ourselves and the world around us changes as we change and our perception changes…Thank you. Namaste. Love and Light, Mary Beth

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