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How we can make life happen in slow motion

Hello Spiritual Warriors!!!! and welcome to another edition of The Source – the newsletter that translates ancient teachings into modern world practical application. This week we’re exploring Slowing Down the World around you.

You have the ability to control the speed and frequency at which life comes at you! Science is now proving that we can slow our brainwaves through destressifying techniques such as 16seconds, squeeze & release, 8 destressifications of the spine, body scans, chakra tuning, quiet continuous breathing, and by starting each day in stillness and silence.

By connecting to the present moment – whether through in-the-moment stress-busters or through a daily practice of meditation – our brain gains clarity, creativity, intuition, balance, and resilience.

Our brain’s typical default mechanism of non-stop activity and conditioned responses has been going on relentlessly since the moment we came out of the womb. It’s even revving pretty fast while we sleep.

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We are constantly engaged in activity – thinking, planning, remembering, pondering, longing, contemplating, walking, running, riding, talking, typing, DOing – very rarely is there space, peace, tranquility or calm. We move from activity to activity to activity and often, when there is a quiet moment, rather than embracing it… we text someone, take a picture of the moment, or talk about it and so the sweet present moment gets steamrolled again by activity.

Most people on the planet are waking up, burning through the day and then passing out as bedtime approaches. And they do this every day until they die.

For many high achievers, the speed of life is lightning fast; for others it’s relentless and overwhelming; but for those spending at least 30 minutes every day in stillness and silence, the world comes to them at the speed they select. Which means that even if you’re a “type A” personality from New York City BUT you meditate… the speed of the world around you will feel like it’s in slow motion!!

Imagine if every thought, idea, appointment, and interaction appeared to you in slow motion? And then you could choose the best option, and act IN REAL TIME!

Making the commitment to meditate every day is your path to that ability. And if you’re not sure where to start, try a few of my free meditations in the Meditation Room, climb aboard the 40 Days of Transformation where you can meditate with tens of thousands of meditators of every type for as long as you desire, or join me for my one of my life transforming immersions (these are not workshops – they are immersions – we are together each day for virtually every moment you are awake).

The speed of your life is yours to choose. Whether you are a business person, a big dreamer, the heart of your family, or an entrepreneur – meditation will change your life forever and once you get a taste of the world showing up for you in slow motion, you will never want to stop!

Remember to adopt your next pet!! Join me in the gap. And let’s transform the world by transforming ourselves!

Peace. -davidji

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