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Relax, Release & Relief Weekend Meditation

Photo by Julie Steelman

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior! If you’ve found yourself caught up in the swirl of family, work, kids, pets, stress, LIFE…  this weekend let’s practice extreme self-care with this Relax, Release & Relief Weekend Meditation. Then treat yourself to something special!!! Enjoy a massage, take a long walk on the beach, beautify your garden, whatever gives you calm & peace

Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace. ―Nikki Rowe

peaches the buddha princessEmail me about your relax, release & relief weekend experience at I’ll be on the secret beach with Peaches in the Sweetspot of the Universe!

Mantra: Om daksham namaha


17 thoughts on “Relax, Release & Relief Weekend Meditation”

  1. Beautiful meditation thanks so very much. I have trouble getting it to play continuously though. The music always cuts out when the mantra starts and I have to click to move it forward to when you start to talk again

  2. The background voice is distracting on this one. The singer sounds out of tune and harsh. Not condusive to relaxation.

  3. Beautiful meditation about letting go of the negative. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by sadness and exhaustion. I’ll practice letting that go and breathing in love and energy. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Davidji for this wonderful meditation. I feel blessed every time I practice any meditation with you.
    Have a wonderful time at the beach…
    Namaste 🙏🏻

  5. This meditation really helped me to lighten my load and gain perspective.. Many thanks! I wish that I were running on the beach with Peaches!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful meditation. It was just what I needed today. Enjoy your time on the beach and a hug to Peaches. Namaste

  7. Thanks Davidji ! Thank a lot for your vibrations
    See you in the gap

  8. Gratitude Davdji💜 perfect meditation at the right time . Thank you! Peace harmony aum _/\_ namaste

  9. Can you have caption or text of your guided meditation?
    I am hard of hearing and do not catch every word you say in the guided meditation

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