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Healing the Past Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!

This week has been a painful, trying time for a dear friend of mine. The past has suddenly thrust itself upon her sending her world into what feels like a tailspin. Her greatest fears… all the thoughts of what-ifs… keep swirling through her mind threatening to confine her to a space of fear and reactivity.

All that we are arises from our thoughts, with our thoughts we create the world. Meditation is that key. Each of us is holding onto something from our past that keeps us awake at night, and is standing in the way of deeper fulfillment or peace of mind. Healing is when we allow the universe’s natural process to gracefully unfold within us.

As we discussed her feelings, thoughts and fears, my friend confided in me that through this tumultuous process, she is finding comfort and greater clarity during her meditations with the 6 Steps Towards Healing and Making Peace with the Past. Each time we show up together here, or on Hay House Radio, or in meditation, or through practicing present moment awareness – we get one baby step closer to slowly peeling away automatic thoughts that are conditioned reactions to our past.

The 6 steps are:

1. Meditate. It all starts with our thoughts – as the Buddha said, “All that we are arises with our thoughts – with our thoughts we create the world.” Meditation is the key. It doesn’t stop thoughts as much as make us aware of them as they come into stillness and silence. This tills the soil of the fertile garden of our heart.

2. Set clear intentions. 
 Each day have the intention to let go of whatever you are clinging to – just a little bit more. And breathe into it and release it, reminding yourself that it’s a constricted feeling and it doesn’t serve you. When we feel less-than we long for something to fill our emptiness – money, power, sex, winning, being liked on Facebook or followed on Twitter. An easier and more authentic way for you to transcend the illusion of emptiness is to recognize the divine that rests within.
Right now… gently follow your breath in and out as you repeat:
I am precious,
I am special,
I am sacred,
I am light,
I am love,
I am the universe

3. See the divine in others – people you know intimately and people you meet. Every time you meet someone or think about someone perform a mini-Namaste exercise. Gaze into their eyes and silently say: I honor the light in you that is also in me, and I know we are one. See the light in everyone in your life – they are here for a reason. If you reject someone, can’t stand them, or are holding a grudge, see the light in them. Remind yourself that everyone is doing their best from their own level of consciousness. That means you too!

4. Forgive yourself and any role you play in your past. 
We all have done things that in the moment or afterwards realized – this was not what I want or wanted to do. The wounds we created, the lies we’ve told big and little, the cheating, and rationalizing on small and great scales, and the massaging of the truth – these are universal traits!!! They happened so they are done, but we must forgive so that we can move on. Find one thing every day to forgive yourself & the other person for. Simply forgive and let it go.

 Commit to making better choices as you move forward. This is core. You must make an agreement with yourself that if you knew then what you know now, you would make a better choice – a higher choice. Life is not a competition for likes on Facebook or how many people smile at you. It’s about how many people you smile at and how much love you put out there – true love, unconditional love. So make a commitment to be better, do better, and make a wiser choice in the next moment.

6. Let go … let god. 
Essentially, begin to trust the universe. Embrace uncertainty embrace the unknown, allow the divine plan to unfold but you need to be in your best space to receive it. Allow god to work his miracles or her miracles or whatever your faith tells you and trust—trust in yourself, your heart and trust in the universe to work out all the details.

This weekend, let’s begin the gentle process of healing the past through these powerful steps, and begin to let go of what no longer serves us. Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below… remember we are all a part of the Sweetspot Community (whether we’ve met each other in person or not), and we are here to create a safe, loving space for all. peace. -davidji

Mantra: Sat chit ananda

16 thoughts on “Healing the Past Weekend Meditation”

  1. Thank you needed your meditation s today. I usually can drift on my own. Love this one! Helping me pass a kidney stone. Thank you!!

  2. Wow! That was brilliant! That went really deep for me and I could myself letting go of something really heavy, and welcoming back more of the true me. Thank you so much! Love and so many blessings to you. Namaste! See you in the gap! ❤️❤️☮🕉

  3. Thank you i enjoy these week end meditations. I play them many times. While not sure if i do them properly i soldier on.!!!!!

  4. Oh man I need this! I want to thank you for all parts you have played in my life. I believe you were physically in this area not too long ago. Lots of coincidences occurred. My husband who has many mental health issues. Called the paramedics on me. The school my daughter was at used things I told them I do mindfully to help Lilly my then 12 year old now 13year old with a band teacher that demeans her. I believe because I have learned through cancer and you teaching me 16 seconds to bliss and others on Hay House teaching me so much that I am very very sensitive and an empathy and most of the Clars. I had gone to a shaman and wasnt grounded well. Used your techniques until by accident worried for someone broke anonymity in an anonymous group. I tried to tell my husband and explain why I was so sensitive. Needless to say the rest was a journey. There is much more. I have been home two months. Trying to figure out if the Catholic Girl still is OK….her soul and all. Never worried about it til this day….week of events. I could see lots of feather s and butterflies manifesting. No one who could chat w me that was like minded that I trusted. I need to trust continuously that I am full of all that I need. I have so many stories!!!! I do have people in my front row but need more to trust. Please send healing love to Roy and Chris there three adopted sons were molested by a 14 year old boy. Long journey. I told them about you. I told my 90 year old mom about you too. I hope if the God of my understanding wants us to meet we will. I believe I saw the back of your head at a stop sign recently. Learning to trust what I know for sure deep in me. Sending love to your friend I so get it. I asked for divine Mercy and ended up unknowingly at a place with Mercy in it. Learning exactly what you say! I am practicing on this journey!! Not perfection. I too am healing! Trying to be humble and humbled!! I have talked to you on the show twice and on fb a bit! I thank you if I have ever put you out or you blue courage brothers you help. As Mr. Rogers says trust the helpers!!

  5. Davidji,
    Regarding your weekend meditations: the music is so loud that it drowns your words. Please remove the music while you are speaking to us….
    Thank you for all of your inspiration and guidance through the years. You will always be a treasured member of my family.

  6. I am new to the sweetspot but these meditations are relaxing and blisfull. Thank you,thank you,thankyou.

  7. Learning to sit with what is and not distracting myself has been my challenge for the last 15 months or so. When you began this meditation, I kept thinking about what I needed to be doing. Those blessed distractions. Hahaha. Then before I knew it, the meditation ended and I was sitting, breathing peacefully, shoulders and body completely relaxed. And remembered— all I need to do is remember to meditate and allow that peace to be mine. Thank you, once again, davidji.

  8. Thank you so much for your wisdom, your love and your teachings. I feel grateful for your deep words. I feel honored with all your inspiration.

  9. I would love to heal my past through these powerful steps and begin to let go of what no longer serves me!
    I am having a very hard time with self love, acceptance and forgiveness. I feel sad, ugly, depressed, angry, bitter,etc.
    My late father was very abusive mentally and physically(alcoholic)
    I lived in fear from a very young age. My dad always told me I was no good for nothing and I wouldn’t amount to anything.
    I have a lot of hate, resentment and anger towards my mother!
    A lot of people would say that I looked like my mother(I would take that as an insult)!
    So 5 years ago I had a facelift( so I didn’t look like my mother) and it was unsuccessful,(ironically I look more like her) it has really destroyed me physically, emotionally and spiritually!
    I have prayed to God and my Angels everyday to please guide me to the “right” dr who can help me, but its like I keep hitting a brick wall.
    I know this has happened to me for a reason, beauty comes from within. But ii is so so hard to accept this!
    I’m so depressed some days I wish I could die! I don’t want to go anywhere!

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