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Flowing the Divine Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!! Over this next week, let’s progressively quiet the fluctuations of the mind, slow the swirl around us, relieve our stress and open our heart to trust by awakening the Shakti energy that flows through us. Enjoy this week’s guided meditation. Peace. -davidji

Mantra: Raam shakti om

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2 thoughts on “Flowing the Divine Weekend Meditation”

  1. This morning I first used “Welcoming New Beginnings Into Your Life” as my meditation. I followed it meditating with “Flowing the Divine”. So I feel content having activated my Svadisthana Chakra stepping into the unknown and my Manipura Chakra transforming from who I am to who I would like to be. Beginning to let go of things that no longer serve me. Thank you davidji. Namaste

  2. Thank you for this meditation “Flowing the Divine Energy of the Universe”. The breath work helped me settle in and your explanation of the Manipura Chakra helped me better focus my attention for meditation. Namaste!

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