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Welcoming New Beginnings into Your Life

Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful. —Prince

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

When we first sit down for our morning ritual, we begin by asking ourselves a series of Sacred Questions. These four questions are designed to spark a dialogue between you and the Universe.

We close our eyes, place our hands over our hearts, and silently ask each question. Sometimes answers will flow. Sometimes there will be no answers. It’s very common for answers to come back to you hours or days later.

The key is to ask the Sacred Questions over and over until they become part of your inner dialogue. In time they will become part of your outer dialogue as well. And this is how energy effortlessly transforms from questions to awakenings to answers to choices to actions to REbirth.

Every Day Is a New Day

To activate the Sacred Power of New Beginnings at the start of your day, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down – even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Take the time to just be. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. It ends up creating a brand-new trajectory of everything the follows in your day. If you start your day in turmoil, then that is what will follow you all day long. Those same hormones and chemicals that were infused into you in the morning will continue to surge into you over the course of the day. And if you start your day with a little bit of stillness, then patience, calm, and clarity will set the tone for a new beginning.

Once you are settled in to a comfortable position, place your hands on your heart, and begin the practice of asking the Sacred Questions. Simply ask the first question over and over for about a minute, then the second question, then the third, and then the fourth, always waiting for answers to unfold without forcing.

Feel free to spend up to a minute with each question. When you have completed the process, take a long, slow, deep breath in and release all the questions and any answers that arose. Then invite an intention into your mind regarding one aspect of your life you desire to REbirth. Get clear on it, invite it into your heart, and plant that intention like a seed in the fertile soil of your heart.

Then breathe in deeply, and let it go. Leave it up to the Universe to work out all the details. Then begin your meditation practice.

The Four Sacred Questions for REbirth

To reclaim ownership of your life through acceptance, grant yourself the permission to release what no longer serves you, and boldly step into new beginnings, start the practice by asking the Four Sacred Questions of REbirth:

  1. Who am I when I’m at my best?
  2. What can I let go of that no longer serves me?
  3. Do I give myself permission right now to step into my power of new beginnings?
  4. What step can I take today to awaken my best version?

After we’ve asked and answered the sacred questions and let go of any outcomes, we are ready to take the process even deeper.

Peace. -davidji

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