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Learning to Trust the Universe

Happy Monday, spiritual warriors!

In every moment that you trust, you are inviting the magnificence of the Universe into your life with unwavering confidence. And when you lose faith, it’s not as if you have suddenly found someone else to invite. No. You haven’t rested your trust in some other magnificence or some other divine principle.

In that moment of wavering, you question inviting anyone or anything into your life. When you stop trusting, you suddenly lose confidence in your decision. You mistakenly believe that you know better than the universe, and you unconsciously stop believing in the Divine Principle of Infinite Flow.

You selectively turn your back on the laws of the universe and on everything you truly know to be true – like suddenly not believing that gravity will hold you down or that electricity will work when you flick on the light.

When you stop trusting, you suspend reality, disconnect from the effortless support of the Universe, and inexplicably choose to proceed with no divine support. As the Father of Motivation, Dr. Wayne Dyer shared with me before his passing, “When you stop trusting, you let your EGO take over. You Edge God Out.”

Trust is when you are fully aligned with the Universe in thought, breath, word, and deed. When you are in that alignment, you allow the magnificence inside of you to shine and yourself to step out of the way. It’s as if the Universe is holding your hand and walking right beside you.

Those are the moments of spontaneous right speech, where every word you say fits perfectly into the moment and accomplishes your short-term, long-term, and other people’s goals simultaneously. Clarity unfolds perfectly. Sometimes we call this “being in the zone” or having a “win-win” experience.

In this moment of pure present moment awareness, every intention you have, every choice you make, every action you take fits into the situation perfectly. It feels really good and it serves the Universe.

As long as we stay open and trusting, everything that’s meant to move through us comes in effortlessly, and flows back out with grace. Openness is the key. As long as the conduit is wide open, the whole process will be organic and fluid. But the moment we put up barriers, get defensive, or question whether we should receive the flow, boom!, the flow narrows or stops altogether and the trust is broken.

So what gets in the way? What creates the constriction?

The culprit is fear, the emotion we feel when we sense a threat. When we sense a physical threat, fear usually expresses itself through a primitive biological response mechanism known as fight-flight, which helps us fight or run from a situation to protect ourselves.

When our lives are not in danger, but we sense a threat to our beliefs, opinions, or expectations, the exact same biological response mechanism inspires us to emotionally fight or flee using words or body language. We forget the Divine Principle of Infinite Flow. We stop trusting that every moment is perfect and that all is progressing as it was divinely intended. We begin to micromanage the Universe and express ourselves by constricting, defending, or resisting.

Practicing defenselessness is a way to transcend the fear and realign with trust.

Peace. -davidji

8 thoughts on “Learning to Trust the Universe”

  1. I think the note above from Kathle11 just about sums up the problem we humans face and fits so well with what Davidji says above about fear of experiencing these things which seem to hold no hope so much of the time. Our family have struggled with difficult times including our 5 year old child dying – though that is now 21 years ago and lots of meditating and pondering later we have found some understandings which are hard to express but which form the foundation of our lives. I now feel that there is but one life that is not any or each of us but is what is designed to express and experience itself through us – it IS god or the universe or whatever you like to call it – and it is absolute truth, beauty and love. We have such a sense of our own separate selves that we so often see things from OUR perspective which is limited by time and space and hence by fears, anxieties and suffering. Through meditation we bring our perspective back to SOUL (Source Of Universal Light) which enables us to feel that sense of love for each other that is eternal and gives rise to those beautiful qualities of care and compassion. I often think of the universe as the most wonderful sparkling diamond ever – we are the facets which is our job to keep clean and clear to express and experience the light of that love as fully as possible. Our pain and suffering as also our joys and pleasures are signposts on the map of life to help us in this endeavour. Yes – physical lives have to pass and fall away just as they have to start and blossom – but the true essence of life which is fully within each of us and hence all around us in others and in nature is eternal and so – VERY hard as it is to see sometimes – the LIFE that is truly us, IS ALWAYS, and from that deep place within us there is nothing to fear or suffer.
    Thank you David for helping us to learn this from your 21 day meditations at the Chopra centre through till now for helping our family on this journey, and light and love to all others reading and posting here

  2. Beautiful. Yes I have done the work on my path. And yes I have doubted along the way. Thank you for reminding me again who I am.

  3. Peace, sending you positive energy with Infinite Love & Gratitude, for all the Light you have brought to this world, may the Universe guide you and may you always stay connected to the Source of all energy, the world needs you, Blessings, sarrah

  4. I have to admit, it’s hard to have faith in the universe once breast cancer enters the experience. I was diagnosed on 6/27/17 with Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, went through a partial mastectomy and 20 rounds of radiation, and I’m now on 5 – 10 years of oral chemotherapy. It’s hard to think of this as being part of the “infinite flow” and something that was supposed to happen.
    But I’m trying. I meditate daily and I feel a pull. I did live through it, after all. I’m still here. So I’m trying to figure out what I was supposed to learn from it.

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