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Expanding Your Vibration Guided Meditation

If we’re vibrating at a high frequency, we can sense all things around us. If we’re vibrating at a low frequency, we’re trapped in our mind. Immune to all sounds, emotional interpretations. Every thing is about attention and intention. The only way to raise our vibration is to start with the seed of silence and stillness. Then, all sensations start to expand and come alive.


4 thoughts on “Expanding Your Vibration Guided Meditation”

  1. Here I am again in August getting even more clarity from this meditation. Feeling calm, peaceful and centered, ready to sense the vibrations that will be present in this day. Knowing too that there may be times I will need to proceed with caution. Some vibrations I encounter are not to be touched because they could be harmful.
    Namaste and Thank You Davidji

  2. listening again, meditating again with you, “Expanding Your Vibration Meditation”. Feeling elevated physically and mentally so that I can see situations, things from a higher perspective. Heartfelt Thanks Davidji and Namaste.

  3. Namaste Davidji,
    What lovely sounds accompanying your velvet voice. I for one truly miss those sounds during your meditations.
    Okeymow, (a fan of about a decade)

  4. Lovely “Expanding Our Vibration Guided Meditation”! Thank you Davidji and Namaste.

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