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How to Make Your Inner Fire Burn Brightly

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

The Divine Principle of Inner Fire is one of ingestion, digestion and expression. The Universe flows into us, we chew on it a bit, we absorb what serves us, we let go of what doesn’t, and then we flow what remains back out. Every moment is one of dynamic exchange.

There is an ancient Indian concept known as agni, the Sanskrit word for digestive fire. We get the English words “ignite” and “ignition” from this 7,000-year old word. The premise of agni is that if your digestive fire is burning brightly at the perfect temperature, it will ingest all it receives, digest all the nourishment, and leave behind sweet, vital nectar known as ojas, pronounced oh-jas.

If the fire is burning too hot or is sputtering and not burning hot enough, it won’t cook what it receives and it will leave behind toxic residue known in Sanskrit as ama. We are reminded of this process every time we eat something. We’ve all had the meal that puts us to sleep or bloats us. And we’ve all had the meal that leaves us feeling uplifted and satisfied. Every moment is one of ojas or ama.

Just like our physical digestive system ingests, digests, and eliminates, the Divine Principle of Inner Fire teaches us that our emotional digestive fire impacts all of our experiences.

For example, we “chew” on a conversation or interaction with our senses; we “break it down” with our intellect; we take in the words, the tone, the intent, and the sentiment; and then depending how brightly our emotional agni is burning, we digest it, absorbing all the aspects of the interaction that we believe will serve us and releasing that which has no further use.

What determines whether we leave behind ojas or ama in a given moment? It depends on the following three cultivations:

  1. How openly we receive the information without coloring it with our constrictions—our judgments, prejudices, opinions, preconceived notions, and arrogance.
  2. How mindful we are to the present moment—our ability to patiently listen, let someone finish their sentences, observe the rise and fall of their breath, watch their facial expressions, gaze lovingly into their eyes, and not drift into the past or the future.
  3. How curious, innocent, and vulnerable we can risk being—our willingness to allow the unknown to unfold without energizing fear, mistrust, suspicion, manipulation, or any protective masks.

If our fire is burning brightly, we trust, we listen, we stay fully present, and we risk being vulnerable. And, ideally, once we have absorbed all that we believe will nourish us, we release, sidestep, or let go of anything that will not serve us.

If our emotional digestive fire is burning brightly, we don’t take on any extra baggage from the interaction, such as regrets, or grievances. When we put our head on the pillow at night, there is no ama that follows us into our dreams – only pure ojas.

So again, reflect on your last interaction with someone:

  • Did you leave behind sweet vital nectar or toxic residue?
  • Did you destroy the best of your intentions because an emotional delivery of your words got in the way?
  • Or did your words have greater impact because you flowed the perfect amount of heat?

Brilliant ideas can be undermined by poor execution. Expressing yourself effectively is that magnificent balance of light and heat. Important needs can remain unmet, leaving turbulence in their wake, because they were stated with harshness rather than kindness.

When we passionately exaggerate, it weakens the validity of our cause. And when we dispassionately mumble our desires, they are not taken seriously.

As we walk this Fifth Divine Path of Transformation, the results we achieve depend wholly on how we moderate heat and light, balancing the focus of our attention and the intensity of our intention.

Right now, with your hand resting on your solar plexus, ask yourself, “Is there more light or more heat rising up from within me?”

Let this be the eternal barometer of the effectiveness of your words and actions. Feel your own internal fire. And after every encounter, remember to ask yourself, “Did I just leave ojas or ama behind?”

Only when your heart is awakened can you hear the voice of deep desire speaking truth with heat and light, which is why the process of awakening our heart is so important to the Sacred Power of Passion.

Peace. -davidji

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