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Remember: You Were Born Perfect and Pure and Whole

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

One of the least understood, yet most powerful, aspects of the Divine Principle of One is the concept of sacred wholeness. This ancient teaching was a hallmark of the unshakeable inclusiveness of Jesus, the unfathomable compassion of the Buddha, and the unwavering nonviolence of Martin Luther King Jr. These sages truly understood the concept of the whole and all its pieces. Jesus fought fear with trust; Buddha fought suffering with love; and Martin Luther King fought injustice with peace.

This ancient teaching has been lost on many misguided modern-day activists, politicians and spiritual teachers, who have regrettably become voices of hate in their quests to advance trust, love and peace.

That’s why it is so critical that you and I embrace the concept of sacred wholeness and live it even more deeply.

The Divine Principle of One ripples through every aspect of our being, infusing all of our thoughts, words, and actions with the eternal wisdom of sacred wholeness.

We are all part of the whole. The wholeness of existence contains a magnificent fusion of opposing—yet complementary—forces that are in dynamic exchange in every moment to create the totality of the Universe: fire and water; expansion and contraction; strength and weakness; abundance and poverty; pleasure and pain; surrender and fury; resistance and acceptance; suffering and compassion; humility and arrogance; hate and love; violence and peace; fear and trust; and darkness and light.

All the pieces of existence must be present in order for there to be balance in the cosmos.

Since everything in existence contains the essence of wholeness, everything contains both darkness and light. When you see darkness in others, that is also part of the whole. The moment we feel dragged down by the darkness of another person, the ancient wisdom encourages us to make a more conscious choice toward raising our own vibration and intensifying our own light.

The Divine Principle of One is all about the union of all things—it teaches us that in our quest for wholeness, we counter hate with love, emotional turbulence with calm, lethargy with energy, despair with encouragement, and darkness with light.

Speaking to us on many levels, the Divine Principle of One:

  • Guides, inspires, and teaches us about life in every moment;
  • Illuminates our path, points the way, and helps us navigate each step of our journey;
  • Expands our understanding of the pure, unbounded infinity of the Universe;
  • Provides us with profound insights into the true nature of the sacred essence that rests at our very core.

The Divine Principle of One has existed for eternity infusing virtually every philosophy, religion, family, community, and nation on earth with its most sacred value and core belief—we are all one.

There are millions of ways to express that one-ness, but it’s the undeniable foundation for all existence. Our physical bodies work that way; our minds as well; the family structure you grew up in; and the town you live in; all the way up to the Universe in its very first stardust moment.

An obvious example is the Latin motto for the United States of America: E Pluribus Unum—which means “out of many, one.” And there are three Sacred Powers that have upheld this timeless truth of one-ness since that very first stardust explosion:

  • The Sacred Power of Presence;
  • The Sacred Power of Your Ripple;
  • The Sacred Power of Spirit.

Awakening them connects you to the one-ness that rests inside, the one-ness that unites you with everything else on the planet, and the eternal union of your soul and the divine Spirit. If you haven’t yet read my book, Sacred Powers, I encourage you to and explore these concepts more deeply. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the GAP.

Peace. -davidji

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