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Erase Anxiety Now – 5 Minute Guided Meditation

Hello, Spiritual Warrior! Welcome to this week's guided meditation to help you erase anxiety!

Meditating every day has taught me we are all the masters of each moment. And effortlessly weaving this belief into every fiber of my being has given me tools and techniques for better choosing my responses—living life with less stress and anxiety, greater clarity and focus, expanded compassion and empathy, deeper love and more frequent joy. 

Meditation has also gifted me a viewpoint that is more receptive to other perspectives, which offers me increased possibilities in each moment. I believe that  anyone who is willing to embrace meditation can access these tools as well. 

I have personally witnessed the transformation of thousands of my students as they have moved from panic and anxiety to confidence and calm, from fear and anger to self-love and self-worth, from confusion to clarity, and from emptiness to deeper fulfillment. I have sat at the feet of the masters of meditation and Vedic wisdom and received some of the most powerful translations of these timeless teachings.

I have made my meditation practice the cornerstones of my day, and with these free guided meditations you can too. 

erase anxietyStudents tell me they feel a natural unfolding of deeper compassion for those in their lives, a greater clarity about life in general, a more universal perspective that weaves through each thought, and a continuous shift in their perspective on existence and this life of ours. My hope and intention is to share that same transformation with you as we meditate each week, or everyday, together with these free guided meditations. 

Meditation is a pattern interrupt. It allows us the chance to erase anxiety and begin again.

When we introduce a pattern interrupt into our flow of
thoughts, we can gently step aside from the uneasy memories of the past or the anxious thoughts of the future and truly ground ourselves back into the present moment.

Our bodymind moves beyond all that irritation, anger, discomfort, anxiety, and less-than or “it’s not fair” thinking. The constriction vanishes instantly, we erase anxiety.

From that place, we are primed for greater possibilities, novel solutions, and infinite potential. Whatever limiting belief was holding us back is momentarily suspended.

A classic, very public pattern interrupt happened during a long TV time-out in Super Bowl XXIII. There were three minutes left in the game as the 49ers—trailing the Bengals by three points—stood 93 yards away from the goal line.

Every player on the field was awash in constricting stress hormones… emotions of fear and overwhelm swirled in their heads… and the limiting belief that no one can advance the ball 93 yards and score in three minutes consumed each one of them—except for quarter-
back Joe Montana. 

Montana famously pointed to the sidelines during the huddle and asked teammate Harris Barton, “Isn’t that John Candy?”

So unexpected and powerful was this pattern interrupt that it slowed the intensity of the moment and took every player out of his head and back into the game.

When the TV time-out ended, Montana marched the fully destressified ’Niners down the field and into Super Bowl history.

Once meditation, or a pattern interrupt, becomes part of your daily routine, this state of restful awareness occurs naturally and you can erase anxiety even more effectively.

Calm and balance become the norm; and anxieties, anger, emotional turbulence, and knee-jerk reactions drift away as your physical body relaxes and your innate emotional intelligence gently returns to guide your choices.

So let’s erase anxiety right now with the guided meditation above, and let’s keep cultivating a daily meditation practice. 

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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