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Connecting to the Master Elements Guided Meditation

Air is about movement and flow – the divine circulation of the universe and the flow that exists within each one of us as we channel the divine and express god is through our daily contemplations and interactions.

Fire is about transformation, metabolism – the crystallization of life – whatever we are moving through, chewing on, or struggling with at any given time. Fire creates the clarity at the end of the tunnel.

Water is about cohesiveness and protection – the sweet vital nectar that remains after fire has burned away the illusions, disturbances and distractions of existence. The nourishment and coming together of each moment.

Earth is about structure, stability, and steadiness – the consistent and reliable characteristics of life. The ground we walk upon and the reliability we seek in each moment.

Everything in the universe was created out of space. The characteristic of space is pure potentiality and infinite possibilities. In Eastern culture, emptiness or a void is a core aspect of existence, but you do not see the same value place on space in Western cultures. In sanskrit space is called “Akasha”, and it flows through all aspects of existence.

Enjoy this week’s meditation!

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