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Exploring the Magnificence of Ayurveda

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source in which we explore Ayurveda, one of the oldest healing systems on the planet.

In today’s video we explore the five master elements, or the pancha mahabhutas: earth or prithvi; water or jal; fire or agni; air or vayu, and ether or akasha. Each has a specific characteristic and healing properties to offer. During meditation, we can allow the master elements to flow into us to strengthen and awaken the characteristics that come from each element.

Ayurveda also teaches that there are seven core energy centers—gateways connecting us to the physical world we live in and to the unknown world beyond us—powerful focal points for the reception and transmission of Shakti energy.

These seven junction points also house our relationships, our creativity, our dreams and desires, our ability to receive and give love, our voice, our choices, our purpose, our connection to self, and our connection to source. And within our physical body, these seven sacred spaces are also the largest concentration of our blood vessels, nerve endings, hormonal surges, electrical wiring, immune functions, digestion of food, experiences, and emotions, and the vital energy that fuels our breathing, tickles our brain and beats our heart.

The divine convergence that occurs in each of these seven access points has the power to effortlessly balance, heal, and transform you in every aspect of your life—manifesting your simple desires and fulfilling your most ambitious dreams. The capacity of these personal vortexes is limited only by your own beliefs.

The oldest wisdom traditions from Asia, India, the Middle East, and North and South America integrated the Sacred Power of Shakti into their cultures thousands of years ago.

Devotional ceremonies in ancient China, Egypt, Tibet, Turkey, and Persia all celebrated their spiritual leader’s ability to awaken Shakti and harness its energy to control the forces of nature, and awaken supernatural powers.

You have that exact same ability to awaken Shakti and harness its energy through your chakras. And once you are comfortable with the process, you will begin to manifest your own dreams and desires.

This ancient practice of awakening each of the seven energy centers and inviting Shakti Manifestation to flow through them was often cautioned against because of the speed of the energy current and the potential for spontaneous manifestation with massive life-changing impact. It’s not for everyone. But that’s the reason you and I are here right now . . . bold, powerful, evolutionary, personal transformation.

So as long as you proceed calmly, gently and with divine purpose, you will experience the life-affirming shift you are looking for without any side effects.

If you haven’t yet explored the meditation app Insight Timer, you can download it for free in the app store, then discover my 10-day course for Awakening the Sacred Power of Your Shakti. Here’s the direct link to the course >> http://insig.ht/course_awaken-the-sacred-power-of-shakti

Enjoy, and share your aha! moments from the course in the comments below.

Keep meditating, and I’ll see you in the gap!!! Peace. -davidji

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