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Who Am I

Hello Spiritual Warriors! Welcome to another week of exploration.


When you close your eyes and ask yourself the question: “who am I?” what comes back to you? Sometimes answers will flow. Sometimes there will be no answers. But most of the time, what flows back is our most prominent role in the moment we ask the question.

If we are solving a problem, we define ourselves as a problem solver; if we are helping someone, we see ourselves as a friend. The self-description often includes our job, our title, what’s on our resume, our relationship to everything and any one in the world. We identify ourselves by our school, our town, our country, our colleagues, our religion, our food choices, what teams we root for, our favorite musical groups, what politics we resonate with, (what politics we don’t resonate with), what authors we read or what actors we like.

We define ourselves by saying internally & externally, I am a… daughter or son, a mother or father, a brother or sister, an aunt or uncle. These orientations to our world help give us an understanding of our relationship to it – and identify it to others.

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So the perfect time to begin the exploration of “Who am I?” is when you sit down first thing in the morning to meditate. You can begin your morning meditation practice with any questions or any prayer you feel like starting with. Regardless of what type of meditation style you practice, you can ask

  • “Who am I?”
  • “What am I grateful for?”
  • “Who am I grateful for?”
  • “How can I be more accepting today?”
  • “How can I flow more compassion into the world?”
  • “How can I forgive a bit more today?”
  • “How can I be more patient today?”
If you’ve ever experienced pain in your belly, tightness in your chest, a throb in the temple, clench in the jaw, closing of your throat, holding in of your breath, and the release of a harsh word, this retreat will help you manage stress every day only to have it inspire, motivate, and fulfill you to be the best version of yourself.

Asking myself these types of sacred questions creates my trajectory for the day. They often then create a san kalpa – a subtle intention that flows through me throughout the day. When you ask these types of questions – let them simmer for a bit inside you, then release them…let go of them…and let the answers flow throughout the rest of the day, amazing ripples begin to flow.

Ask the questions… then live the answers!

By asking these questions, listening to answers or silence, AND THEN LETTING GO OF THEM, we set the table for our daily practice. There is no need to bring the questions or the answers into your mind during the meditation. They are already a part of who you are. And as you expand in consciousness, the cosmic dialogue will continue to expand within you, you will connect with what really rests at your core, and you will activate your true potential.

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These are the aspects of Self that have been explored for thousands of years and are some of the deepest questions you could ever ask yourself. We do nothing with the information that comes to us during meditation. It’s not during meditation that the value of this process takes form. That’s simply a process for making the soil more fertile. It’s outside of meditation, when the seeds you’ve planted in that soil are growing, that you feel more expanded, more creative, more intuitive, and more insightful.

Reflecting on who you are is a stepping-stone to an effortless daily practice, and is a building block for living an expanded, abundant, compassionate life. Of course, you can begin your practice with any ritual that feels comfortable.

What are the questions that are important to you?

Write them down; explore them before meditating for a solid week, and you will feel them unfold in your life. (Remember: Don’t bring these questions or their answers into your meditation.) After you have asked questions and allowed answers to flow (and sometimes there will be no answers), simply release them. Let them go, and begin your meditation.

You can add emphasis to your letting go of them by physically releasing them. Take a long, slow, deep breath in and then let them go. As you exhale, send them out into the universe. Then begin your practice, using your breath, mantra, or another object of your attention.

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davidji’s Meditation Teacher Training is an intensive 4-month process that culminates with a week spent together in “The Sweetspot of the Universe,” Carlsbad, Calif.

I’ll go deeper on how to awaken our emotional intelligence on Hay House Radio this week. Join me on LIVE! from the SweetSpot. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. -davidji


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