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Current events: What is going on, and what can we do?

Hello, spiritual warrior. Thank you for joining me for this week’s edition of The Source. I’ll warn you… it’s a long one. The video is almost 90 minutes; a live stream I held on Sunday via zoom with 870 amazing people who went really deep into a discussion of white privilege, white advantage, and Martin Luther Kings Jr.’s decision to speak out. We read from a passage from Dr. King’s autobiography, we talked about covert racism, the power of our word, what we can do to take action now and the power of our voice.  We conclude with a healing meditation.

It’s so necessary to have these uncomfortable contemplations, these tough conversations. The past seven days in has been full of rage, agony, confusion, fear, pain, and myriad other emotions across the spectrum of feelings. I’ve posted about the murder of George Floyd several times on my social media channels. But I know that not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram, so I wanted to share with you, too.

The murder of George Floyd by members of the MPD must not go unpunished. These racist criminals must be arrested, tried and sentenced for their despicable acts of depravity & cavalier disregard of precious human life.

We must remember George Floyd – along with the way-too-long list of African American martyrs who have been slain out of fear, arrogance, entitlement, self-loathing, privilege, lack of presence, & preservation of the status quo.

These horrific and senseless lynchings, murders, and killings are but more symptoms of the disease that has spread thru our white culture for 400 years – often diagnosed, but treated only at the symptom level – usually with outrage in the moment.

Yes. Providing an outlet for the rage we all feel is necessary but it’s not the solution to an infection that has metastasized through  every cell of our collective body. It helps us cope with our current agony.

How do we expect black men & women to thrive, enjoy life, and find deep fulfillment when their core needs of safety, security, justice, law & order are unmet. Maslow wrote extensively that we cannot move to meet our higher needs of love, belongingness, esteem and self-actualization until our needs of safety & security are in the process of being met.

Black lives do matter. But why does that need to be said in 2020 – 4 centuries after the first black hostages were brought here in the crammed bellies of slave ships. It needs to be said because it’s not being lived. Before there can be healing in a human body or in a country there must be balance and that starts by everybody getting on the same page about the problem. Solving America is a huge task. So why don’t we start with the police. But with more than 1 million cops in this country – and no single standard how do we do it?

For 6 years I’ve worked with @bluecourage a fantastic organization of dedicated policemen and policewomen who have trained thousands of cops & precincts throughout the country on purpose, the nobility of serving & protecting, the heart of the guardian, diversity, bias, and many of my stress management & mindful performance techniques. THEY ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE please give them your support.

Remember,  we transform the world by transforming ourselves. Peace. -davidji

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