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6 thoughts on “Letting Go of My Conditioned Self Meditation”

  1. Hello Kim I’m there at the moment. I hope you got through it. I am tŕying to stay afloat after being left for another after so many years. I am devastated, but Davidji’s words and meditations are helping me stay strong and positive. I am graciously thankful for finding davidji through a friend who has been fighting adversion for years. I won’t let myself go under.

  2. Thank you, Daividji! <3 This came just in time and helped me a lot this morning. Thank you so much! You are a great teacher, I really feel connected now after this meditation. Namasté!

  3. Thank you for this meditation Davidji. I feel grateful for the opportunity to participate. It is useful to be reminded that when negative thoughts/feelings do arise that the best response is positivity. It is really far more liberating. Namaste.

  4. Just what I needed this morning, as I’ve been journaling about shifting my relationship with my conditioned responses. Thank you🙏

  5. When the people I once loved and trusted discarded me, and moved on, I have found it very difficult to not be jealous of their lives – (without me). I have been left in a heap; they have simply walked away and started afresh. Dark prana indeed. Is it really possible for meditation to heal these wounds, and help me to not sink any lower into the darkness of jealousy, loss and anger? To welcome these dark emotions and let them go? To feel peace, trusting life is as it should be? That I am enough?

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