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Upekka 15-Minute Guided Meditation dedicated to Equanimity

Hello Spiritual Warrior! cultivating our being fully present and allowing ourselves to remember our divinity.

Upekka – Equanimity

Please enjoy this 15-minute meditation dedicated to cultivating our being fully present and allowing ourselves to remember our divinity. The mantra we will use is Aham Brahmasmi.

Upekka means Equanimity. And Equanimity means to be in a state of balance, unwavering despite whatever circumstances are around us.

Whatever has transpired in the past, and whatever will transpire in the future has nothing to do with the here and now. When we take the time to become more centered and at peace within, the winds of change that are circling around us don’t affect us.

Allow yourself to receive the following statements:Upekka

I am at peace with this moment.
I accept this moment.
My perfection rests in the sacred present moment.
In this moment there is no fear.
In this moment there is no grievance.
In this moment there is no regret, because all is perfect right now.

Receive the message from the universe that ALL IS WELL.

In this moment, you are fully aligned with the universe.
In this moment the universe comforts you.
In this moment you are supported, and loved, and protected.

Aham Brahmasmi means I am the Universe. When we know that we are the universe, we can remain undisturbed in the midst of disturbance. We can stay rooted while the winds of change swirl around us. We can remain unmoving in the midst of great change.

Repeat this powerful mantra to yourself every time you find your feathers getting ruffled. You are so much bigger than that which is the disturbance!

Thank you for taking this time to meditate with me today. I’ll see you in the gap.

In every single moment, there are infinite possibilities available to you, and through meditation, you can make nourishing life-affirming choices. In those choices, you can also choose what you want to manifest in your life. Don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to my channels to keep your ripple flowing in our community & support this content!!! Check out my Mind Shift membership too 🙂 Sending you expansive love, personal growth, and infinite possibilities. Be well.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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