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2 Effective Tips for Pain Management – Emotional & Physical

Welcome to this week’s The Source in which we dive into the painful process of, well, healing pain.

Living with, coping with, dealing with & transcending pain is a powerful process of healing. When we get to the other side, we are stronger, braver, clearer, and transformed.

Our natural reaction to pain is to shirk from it – to pull back… to run from it, hide from it, or push it away. And we can pretty much do that with everything that comes at us in our life. Yet, if we spend our lives dodging every uncomfortable emotion that bubbles up, we stay in the same constricted place.

painA rookie mistake for so many Spiritual Warriors on the path to one-ness is the desire to only want to see sunshine & rainbows in every moment – but in the process they deny their growth, they deny their humanity, they deny their potential.

The moment we restrict ourselves to only “good news” or only “pleasant” experiences is the moment we stop living.

To understand that in our brokenness and sadness, we embrace our wholeness… and the wholeness of life, is one of the most important lessons we as human beings can learn.

If we deny our own pain, how can we truly have compassion for someone else’s?


So this week, let’s make a commitment to receive the blessings of pain & euphoria… of light & darkness… of comfort & discomfort… of sadness & of joy. In this process, we will heal our wounds, celebrate our magnificence, and truly own our wholeness.

Let’s keep meditating to awaken our most divine self and let’s keep leaning in the direction of our dreams.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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