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The Thoughts Just Keep Coming! How Do You Make Them Stop?

Hello, spiritual warrior, and welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

Whats the first myth of meditation?

The first thing you need to do is to clear the thoughts from your mind or at least stop the thoughts.

You have about 75,000 thoughts a day. That’s approximately one thought every 1.2 seconds. They’re coming – you will not stop them…you can’t stop them. They are not interruptions in your meditation; they are a part of your meditation so let them come and let them go. Simply drift back to the mantra, or your breath, or whatever else you were using to disconnect you from activity.

So many meditators stop meditating because they have thoughts; but having thoughts flowing in and out of your meditation is so perfect. This is your chance to process each day’s activities that otherwise would go buried, unaddressed, and unprocessed.

That doesn’t mean that you should place your attention on them… or resist them… because resisting is a form of attention.

Treat thoughts as you would clouds. Let them drift in and let them drift away. You be unconcerned. When you realize you are deep in thought, simply drift back to the object of your attention – the mantra or your breath.

Here’s how much effort to use when you meditate: like mist rising off a lake at dawn.

Stop now and envision morning mist, ever so gently, lifting off a field or a lake… there is virtually no movement. That’s how hard you should “work” or “try” while meditating.

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