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6-Minute Anxiety Buster Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, spiritual warrior!

I’m gearing up for my European tour through the Netherlands, Ireland & the UK, which begins next week. Suddenly the deadlines, the emails, the packing, the schedule coordinating is starting to come at me at lightening speed.

But will I let all the chaos overwhelm me? Not a chance!!! I have so many destressifying tools at my fingertips to help me become the calm amidst the chaos. And so do you!

This week I created a brand new 6-minute stress eraser perfect for those days when you feel the stress, the anxiety, the overwhelm creeping up on you. Enjoy, and I’ll see you in Europe!!! Peace. -davidji

7 thoughts on “6-Minute Anxiety Buster Weekend Meditation”

  1. Thank you David- I love your guided meditations and ALL the ones you did while at the Chopra Center a few years back. Your guided meditations were SO calming during a dark time in my life when I lost my husband in death. You will never know how you helped me every night I listened to try and get through another day: I love the guided ones and wish you still did more of those as I at that time and some times now needed to hear your wisdom as to the silent time when way too much is rushing through my head.( committee in full session lol)
    I think at the time ( like 10 years Ago someone had said you were doing too much talking but that talking and guidance literally saved my life. Thank you ❤️ And please do some more like these ,just like this one! You truly are a blessing to all of us😇😇😇😘

  2. Thank you for this calming, centering meditation.
    Safe travels… ♥️

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