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Taking a Deep Breath with the Universe during the Solar Eclipse

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Source — just in time for the North American total solar eclipse!!!

Can you imagine a more profound moment to meditate?!?! When the New Moon merges with the sun creating a sweet pattern interrupt, and taking in a deep breath to refresh our world!!!

I’ve created a special guided meditation to honor this wondrous event. You can stream it or download it for free below.

Let’s celebrate this ultimate calm amidst the chaos. I’d love to read about your solar eclipse experience in the comments below.

Keep meditating!!! Keep it real… keep trusting in the divine.

Peace. -davidji

Click to stream, or click here to download to your desktop or laptop.

** A note on downloading: This mp3 file is delivered in a zip file that must be first downloaded to a desktop or laptop. They cannot be downloaded directly to a mobile device.

12 thoughts on “Taking a Deep Breath with the Universe during the Solar Eclipse”

  1. Thank you for this wonderfull meditation.
    Thank you for sharing love and light.

    See you soon..
    Love and light Monique from the Netherlands 💖

  2. Loved the meditation. I sure enjoy it when you write out the mantra so we can see it and it would be nice to write the pronunciation as well. Thanks again for focusing our minds on this monumental occasion!

  3. So glad I cared to witness with attention and intention the great and powerful eclipse in Union Mills!!! With gratitude Ellen S.

  4. Hi Davidji!! Thank you so very much for posting this special eclipse meditation. I was hoping to find a perfect meditation to start such a unique and special day, and this is exactly what I was searching for. As I watched the total eclipse later in the morning, I was filled with awe and wonder thinking about our incredible creator, and was struck by how truly magnificent this life really is. I took a moment to breath in the cool air deeply, before the sun spread its light back over the edge of the dark moon. I’ve never seen anything quite so awe inspiring, and the experience will burn in my heart forever.

  5. Lovely thank you. (And the Android system on my phone did download and allowed me to unzip the file.) Hope you enjoyed the solar spectacle? We had ours here in the UK in 1999. It was an unforgettable total eclipse experience even though it was cloudy. -Helen

  6. DavidJi, thank you for this wonderful, special meditation. I have already set the wheels in motion to drive towards my dream. This meditation firmly planted that dream into the loving arms of the Universe. Namaste 🙏

  7. Posted on August 20, my birthday, a day when I reflect on what is past and what is to come. Perfect. Will continue the reflection and turning inward during the solar eclipse. Thank you davidji, my dear teacher.

    As always, you spark the light in my heart.

    Om shanti

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