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How do you choose to see the world?

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Hello Spiritual Warrior!!! I hope this edition of The Source finds you thriving!

I’ve just returned from a week in Whistler, British Columbia – and all I can say is OMcanada!!! I’m still rippling from the experience. I was invited to teach at the Wanderlust Festival, which attracts some of the greatest yoga teachers, musicians and performers on the planet along with 10,000 yogis looking to take their lives to the next level.

As I travel the world sharing the timeless teachings in many different countries, cities, and venues, I hope we get to meet, meditate together, and share that priceless heart-connection.

This time of year also attracts hordes of downhill and motocross bikers from around the world, who trek to Whistler Blackcomb Mountain to “ski” down it on bicycles doing jumps, flips, and all sorts of kooky motocross stunts. Whistler is also a magnet for summer tourists who hike its trails, swim in its lakes, bear watch, zipline, shop, and ride the cable car above it all to its 7000-foot peak, and I eagerly embraced all those activities… almost… watching all the bikers nursing broken arms, wrists, and ankles, convinced me not to ride a BMX bike down the mountain. (I’ll save that for another visit! Maybe.)

Getting to the Quiet Place

The divine convergence of yogis, bikers, and tourists from around the world merged more than 20,000 visitors into the quaint ski town of Whistler Village creating a melting pot of diverse cultures, ages, and orientation. It was sublime!!!

 width=And, each day I had the privilege of teaching for four hours a day in a womb-like sanctuary known as The Quiet Place – filled only with soothing violet light and adorned with luxurious plump zafu pillows (and pictures of Peaches – the Buddha princess).

The soul-connection was divine. Long-time members of the SweetSpot Community joined first-timers and the love in the room was tangible!!

Each hour, a new group joined us to expand the energy and so by the 12th class, transformation was rippling in Whistler! In this sweet oasis, we explored Getting Your Meditation Groove On, Meditating In Chaos, Mending Your Tortured Relationship, and several life-changing healing exercises from my Awakening Your Inner Healer workshop.

Only a few spots are left for this workshop in October!!!

The secret to the success of these experiences is love. If you feel loved and accepted, then resistance to new techniques falls away – and that’s where our personal growth thrives. That’s where we learn to love again. And, that allows me to take the group deeper because, at the soul level, we feel like we’ve known each other for lifetimes.

The Authentic Path

Wanderlust’s authenticity flows through everything they do – from their founders’ vision, to how they treat their employees & volunteers, to how the staff treats all the attendees.

When an organization consistently flows integrity at every level, you can feel it right to your core. You feel safe; vulnerability unfolds effortlessly; and your vibration is elevated.

This is the third Wanderlust Festival that I’ve had the privilege to be a part of and that consistency of authenticity is undeniable. I am grateful to every member of the Wanderlust Team and to the thousand who joined me in Oahu, Squaw and Whistler to deepen their practice, meet like-minded people, release stress & anxiety, heal their wounds, and celebrate life! I hope you feel the love!!!

 width=What did I learn:

  1. Stay true to my heart. Flow love in every situation.
  2. Choose peak experiences over things.
  3. Every moment is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. And we always get to choose.

Keep meditating!!! And I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

P.S. Remember to adopt your next pet!

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