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SweetSpot Community Q&A

Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life. ―Shannon L. Alder

Welcome to our first SweetSpot Community Q&A! This week, I decided to take a different approach and answer specific questions from SweetSpot Community Members about their meditation experiences. I do my best to answer each of your emails every week, but this is a great way to know that you are having similar experiences with others are on your meditation journeys! I also encourage you to ask questions in the comments section of the weekly blog, and respond to your fellow SweetSpot Community Members with encouragement, support and love. We are all one – aham brahmasmi, baby! – and we are here for each other.

Peace. -d

7 thoughts on “SweetSpot Community Q&A”

  1. Hello Davidji and Peaches, Your Books and meditation CDs have changed my life and with the guidance , knowledge and the Wonderful Community you offer melts my heart with gratitude. I wish to embark on a journey of becoming a meditation teacher with Davidji,s guidance in the near future. I so look forward to the experience of it All and being in the company of precious Peaches. Love from the land Downunder…………Julie from Brisbane

  2. Love this idea, grateful to be a part of it. Thank you for sharing Davidji.
    Kate in Nova Scotia

  3. Always some new insights come through your teaching. I’ve always made the morning meditation a priority, now I will make the afternoon one a priority too. Love C

  4. Namaste & thank you Davidji *l just love your meditational voice *l just can’t get enough *l am also facing challenges of a different kind as l have been away from my career path of teaching healing movement modalities & meditation *as l have had major orthopedic surgery feet *which take a whole year to recover properly *my right foot the most injured one *its is now 5months & yes you have given me much gratefulness practice *l also am part of the hay house & joined the summit *that is where l discovered your wonderful being in 2013 *have stayed & will *l purchased some of the meditation cd downloads from you* but l placed them on my home page & some didn’t download correctly or maybe me *so l lost them *but my question is that l was so professional @ teaching & l return with my first class being one & a half hours with meditation *hopefully l can be with my full passion & open heart teaching as my participants expect of me to deliver *any sujestion is so appreciated & l will keep with you always *l truly hope l can make it to your teacher training *possibly next year *my love from above Marika Sydney Australia?Aham Brahmasmi

  5. thank you for this- I too have difficulty meditating in the afternoon, so thanks for that beautiful metaphor of doing the dishes.
    cool beans!
    mind the gap, indeed
    love, B 🙂

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