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Personal Freedom Weekend Meditation

Artwork by Kari Anapol

Mantra: Ram Ram Namaha

The quest of a Spiritual Warrior is for Personal Freedom. Personal Freedom means freedom from fear, illusions, and the fear based beliefs that the spiritual warrior within battles – the beliefs of the mind that are limiting, conditioned, and self-imposed. It is with Personal Freedom that we are free of the human condition of emotional suffering. MOKSHA – emotional liberation – is essentially living your life with an undercurrent of unconditional love, grace, ease, and greater appreciation and gratitude for yourself, and others. This week let’s invite the powerful teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four Agreements into our meditation practice and take time to change the fabric of our life and shift us – in stages – to a life of greater peace, freedom, authenticity, and happiness.

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do you best.

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14 thoughts on “Personal Freedom Weekend Meditation”

  1. Thank you Davidji for this beautiful meditation. I’m commiting to my everyday’s meditation time again… Sometimes it’s difficult to find the space un our busy day but I must…
    See you in the gap, namaste ?

  2. Thank you for such a beautiful meditation. I asked my inner being which meditation I should do today and remembered I received this in my email. This meditation resonated with me right from beginning.
    In process of healing my third chakra and I now have more tools to continue this. Namaste David. ??

  3. I am so grateful for your sharing these meditations. I have had your CD Fill What is Empty; Empty What is Full for many years. Every night before sleep, I meditate on “when I let go of who I am, I become who I might be”….a most powerful meditation. Thank you for bringing these peaceful words into our universe.

    Ahum Brahmasi……

  4. That was beautiful! One of my favorite books turned in to a meditation 🙂 I shared it with my sister. Thank you!!! Namaste ♡

  5. I am so grateful for your beautiful, inspiring and peaceful meditations! Thank you many times. Esther

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